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Emerald and Brass Chapter 3 By Nin’nako Foxie
Unlikely Friend

Sonic and Sally looked to see none other then Metal Sonic. The robotic twin of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sally gasped as Sonic stepped forward.
“Never thought I’d have ta kick your metal butt again, Metal,” Sneered Sonic.
“Correction. This time I shall kick yours. And flesh is far weaker then metal,” Metal Sonic sneered back, landing on the ground.
“Working for Chaonen now, eh?” said Sally.
“Robotnik was a fool for not realizing Snively/Chaonen’s true nature,” said Metal.
They stood glaring at each other for a moment.
Sally tilted her head to the side, thoughtfully. “I suppose you’ll want to race Sonic again.”
Metal nodded with an evil grin.
“Then let’s race ace!” Sonic shouted, tearing down the track.
“Hey!” Metal shouted, as he jetted after Sonic.
“Good luck,” whispered Sally. Sally watched them race away. And so far Sonic was in the lead, but Metal was gaining fast.
How am I going to get to the finish line before them? Sally asked herself. She looked around. Then she spotted something hidden behind some ramps. Running over, she saw that it was an old sky cycle. She turned it upright and turn the handle. After a few trys the engine started. “Yes!” Sally exclaimed, hopping on then speeding for the finish line.
Soon, she passed Sonic and Metal Sonic, since she was heading straight for the finish and not on the winding track. Sonic and Metal were now dead even. Sally passed them and got to the finish line. Behind her, Sonic and Metal were speeding up. Sonic yelled something to Metal and Metal yelled something back, but Sally couldn’t hear them.
With a burst of speed, Sonic streaked past Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic retaliated by speeding up as well, though it was going far beyond his maximum safety output.
“Yeehaa!!” Shouted Sonic as he sped through the finishing arch. A millisecond later, the arch came smashing down, an old trap Robotnik had laid for Sonic when he first raced Metal. Two milliseconds later, the was a loud CLANG. Sonic and Sally looked around to the other side, and burst out laughing.
There, smashed against the wall was Metal Sonic. “He makes an excellent wall piece!” Laughed Sonic, rolling on the ground.
“You said it!” Sally laughed back. When they finally stopped laughing, Sally peeled Metal off the wall.
“Watcha doin’ Sal?”
“Maybe we can get some info. out of him,” she replied, inserting a wire from Nicole into Metal. “Nicole, bring up Metal Sonic’s databanks.”
“Databanks are empty.” Nicole replied.
“Databanks are empty,” Nicole repeated.
Sally thought for a moment. “Dang! Chaonen must have some kind of erasing device that terminates all memory when the subject is damaged.”
“Come on Sal, let’s go and get what we came fer,” Sonic said, growing impatient and holding up a small chip.
“All right,” Sally turned to leave, but then looked back. “Hmmm.

“Wait! Lacoria! It’s okay! We reprogrammed him!” Sally shouted running after Lacoria.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed Lacoria, running around like mad. “He’s going ta kill us all!”
“Lacoria! We reprogrammed him so he’s on our side now.”
“What’s all this screaming about?!” Dimtiri shouted, running in.
“Someone get her to calm down!!”
“What the heck!”
“Let’s just announce this ta the whole world!” Shouted Sonic, getting irritated.
“Hold it! We can’t get everyone panicked!”
“By the Ancients!”
“All together now, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“Err...excuse me, but did I do something wrong?”
Everything came to a sudden stop and all heads turned to look at Metal Sonic.
“Come on stop staring!” Metal had a metal hand behind his head in an embarrassed kind of way. Sally thought he would have blushed if he could have. “Ummm...please.” He added when everyone just stared at him even more.
“Sorry Metal, but well....” Sally started.
“You have MANNERS?!” Sonic exclaimed. “Even I don’t have those!”
“What’s he doing here?!” Lacoria asked hiding behind Dimitri.
“Some explanation would be appreciated,” Dimitri said.
Sally sighed and said, “We encountered Metal Sonic on the Stardust Speedway. He and Sonic raced. Sonic won and he slammed into Robotnik’s old trap. I thought I could get some info. out of him, but his databanks were erased by some program he had. So instead I reprogrammed him into our allie, stuck in an extra personality in his memory, and made it so no one could track him. Not even Chaonen.”
“Okay...” started Dimitri. “Then did you guys get it?”
“Here,” said Sonic tossing Dimitri the chip. “By the way, why is it only found in the Stardust Speedway?”
“Because it’s one of Metal’s chips,” said Lacoria.
“It is?” Asked Sally.
“Yep.” Everyone looked at Metal again, since they had forgotten that he was there. “Go ahead and keep it.”
“Err...thanks Metal. Anyways with this chip, we can get our generator working,” explained Dimitri. “Apparently, Metal had some special circuits.”
“Then get it installed and report immediately to me when you two are finished,” said Sally. Dimitri and Lacoria turned to go to the lab. “Wait. Take Metal with you.”
“Whaaaaaa...” Dimitri, Lacoria, and Metal said together.
Sally just grinned.

“Whoo! That felt good!” Exclaimed Sally as she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. She quickly dried her hair and put on some clothes, then went to the kitchen/dining room. Everyone else was already there. “Hey guys. What’s for dinner?”
“Specialty a la Metal,” said Metal, walking up to the table carrying a large tray. He set it before them, and Sally tried not to stare.
“He can cook,” explained Lacoria. Metal removed the lid, to reveal an luxurious looking dinner. “By the ancients! Can he cook.”
Sonic eyed the food wearily. An instant later, Metal placed a tray piled with chilidogs. Sonic tasted one, then another and another. “Man!” he said with a full mouth. “These are almost as good as Uncle Chuck’s! Where did you find this personality Sal?”
“I don’t know Sonic,” Sally replied after swallowing. “Who’d thought that he’d have this personality in his memory.” She turned to Metal, “This is excellent.”
“Thank you Sally,” Metal replied.
“I can’t remember the last time we had a meal this good,” said Dimitri. “Now if you can just fight as well as you cook then we’re set.”
“Err...” Metal looked at Sally wearily. “Do I have to fight?”
“You mean you’re scared?” Sally nearly gagged. “You were designed as a fighting robot.”
“Yeah, but, well, maybe it’s the personality. It kinda makes me nervous,” replied Metal looking down at his feet.
Sally thought for a moment. “Then you can guard Knothole when no one else is around, I suppose.”
“That’ll be just fine.”
“Good. Now Dimitri, is the generator completed yet?” Sally asked.
“Yep. Then we can get a more permanent source of power.”
“Hey, I thought that the generator was supplying the power,” sad Sonic. Suddenly the lights flicked then went out.
“Its not reliable,” said Dimitri from the darkness. “With the generator, we can use something like a Chaos Emerald for power. Without attracting every power hungry maniac on the planet.”
A mage light appeared and lit everything up.
“Thanks Dimitri,” sighed Sally.
“See what I mean Sonic?”
“I see said the blind man,” Sonic replied
“Ha ha, very funny,” said Dimitri sarcastically. “I’m going to turn on the backup generators.”
“But isn’t it automatic?” Sally asked.
“Like I said, it’s not reliable,” sighed Dimitri walking out of the room, taking the mage light with him, and sending all the Freedom Fighters back into darkness.

:SALLY!!!: Everyone jerked up. They all heard it.
“Ivy! What’s wrong?” asked Sally.
:Scary scary! Meanie people in hard stuff all hurt hurt! WHAAAAA! Barby say run run run. Me scared!:
“An attack!” shouted Dimitri. “The Downunda must be under major attack!”
“We have to help!” screamed Lacoria.
Sally ran into the control room and contacted Walt Wallaby, the leader of the Downunda Freedom Fighters.
Walt appeared on the screen but he was injured and running. “Ah man! They surprised us! A whole army of bots, soldiers and major weapons! Nearly everyone
is dead already. We can’t hold out! Barby, Ivy and I are taking a secret tunnel. We’ll meet you if we escape.” Then the transmition was cut off and Ivy didn’t contact them with mindspeech.
“It’s too late,” murmured Sally.

End of Chapter 3

Part 4 preview: Be prepared for terror on Chaos Street!