Warnin’: Dis gettin’ bum huh? Wells me still think me should say sooner or later dis issa have some sexual stuff anna profanity. Sonic, Sally, Metal Sonic, and all related characters are copyright of Sega and/or Archie Comics and/or DIC productions.

Emerald and Brass Chapter 4 By: Nin’nako Foxie
Operation: Chaos Emerald

Tails opened his eyes to a new day. He was thankful. His mind slowly adjusted from the nightmare he had been having to reality. “Oh boy,” he sighed, climbing out of the bed, and meeting the floor with his face. Untangles his feet from the blanket, then went there the shower routine with the water going out while he was shampooing his hair, as usual. He grumbled to himself, then went to the dining room after getting dressed. Everyone was there as usual, already eating. He grumbled a good morning and sat down, letting his head hit the table. He grumbled to himself. Someone set some food next to him.

After breakfast, Tails was up and going. Apparently he had had too much coffee. “So, what’s the schedule for today Sal?” He asked.
“We’ll see, Chita should be reporting soon,” Sally replied. As if right on cue. A small button on the computer beeped. Sally pressed it and an image of Chita appeared.
“Good ‘ol mornin’ ya’ll!” She exclaimed happily despite her not sleeping for 24 hours. She took a drink from a bottle she had.
“Good morning Chita,” replied Sally. “What’s to report?”
She took another swig. “Last ‘ight, an expedition left, dis time fer Devil’s Gulag. Specifical’ fer da really deep canyon. Yous know.” Sally nodded. “So, an’ als-” Suddenly Chita stopped, then calmly took another swig from the bottle. Another voice could be heard but not understood. “Ah bugge’ off!” Chita shouted at someone off the screen. “Ah need me mornin’ drink! Dis?! It’s me Giga Pet, so bugge’ off! It’s been starvin’ all night!” There was some mumbles from the other person, then silence.
Chita’s sour face instantly turned cheerful again. “Always works fer buggin’ nosy people all ways.” She took another swig. “Good coffee,” she grinned.

Tails walked into Dimitri’s and Lacoria’s lab. They were busily working on the generator. Soon it would be ready. Then I can have a descent shower, thought Tails.
“How’s it coming guys?”
“Wonderfully, in fact,” he turned back to the generator and shut the panel. “It’s done. Now all we need is a Chaos Emerald.”
“But how are we going to find one? Chaos Emeralds barely exist now. Chaonen managed to get all of them remember.”

“Unless we steal one from him.”

“Are you crazy DIMITRI!!!!????” Screamed Sally.
“Are you being serious? Please say yes!” Screamed Sonic.
“That’s insane! Stealing from Chaonen’s own treasure vault?!”
“How else are we going to get a Chaos Emerald then?!” Countered Dimitri.
Sally scowled and calmed down. “ I don’t know. There has to be another way.”
“And I have just the thing!” Lacoria ran up and shoved a disk into the computer. “This is from Draca’s spy camera.”
They watched the screen as from Draca’s view, going down a hallway. It passed a door, that the treasurer come out of. For a brief moment while the door was opened, they got a glimpse of golden and jewel treasures in the room before the door shut. Then Draca went farther down the hall and outside until she was in the streets. Then the video ended.
“See. If we take that route to get inside, we can get into the treasure room. Draca said that, that hallway and door is rarely used, but there aren’t any Mobian guards. All of its electronic she thinks.”
Dimitri looked Sally. She was deep in thought. “Everyone leave this room. I need to review this by myself.”

Sally stayed in there until late afternoon. Tails peeked in with a tray of food, since Sally hadn’t eaten lunch. She was still watching the surveillance tape. “Sally?”
She looked up. “Ah Tails. You have food, thank you. You can set it on the table.”
“So, what’s the verdict?” Tails asked.
“I don’t see any sign at all of security.”
“Could be well hidden.”
“Perhaps, but this is too unsettling.” The lights went out. “This is too annoying.”
“We get an Emerald.”

Night fell on the city. The weirdoes came out, but most of them were already out with the saner people, the people who preferred top quality weapons. There was a new moon that night. Three shadows creeped around the castle. A blade glistened in the little amount of light, and two guards fell dead. They were quickly stripped, and their attackers except one put the guards’ armor on themselves. Another blade flashed in the distance. Two short flashes then a long one. Coast was clear, proceed it signaled. The two with the armor on proceeded to the gate, which they passed with no hassle, then onto the back door to the kitchen.
The drudges and cooks were hustling about getting the evening meal ready. A guard come in and shouted at some servants, then at the two fake guards. “You two! Get out of here this instant, lazy bums!” They ran past him to the hallway. “Report to your head officiers!” Then he grabbed them and shoved them to a staircase. “Don’t dawdle!”
Farther up the stairs, “Geez, what’s going on?” Tails asked, adjusting his “borrowed” armor.
“No idea., Tails,” said Sonic. “Come on, let’s get back on track.”
Sonic and Tails continued down the hall, until they reached the hall Draca was in during the video clip.
“What do you think you’re doin?!” Shouted someone.
Sonic and Tails spun around, coming face to face with Draca. She looked at them for a second, then smiled.
“Oh, hi,” she said more pleasantly.
“Is this it?” Asked Tails.
Draca nodded towards the double door to there left. “Yeah. I’ve got no idea about the security systems though.”
“Then how do we know if there’s a Chaos Emerald in there?!” Shouted Tail. Suddenly covering his mouth as he realized his mistake.
“Don’t you talk to me like that you lowly soldier! No one but Master Chaonen can have Chaos Emeralds! Not even the Ancients Walkers, so ha!!!” Draca shouted back. After a moment of silence, they could here a soldier running away as fast as he could. None of the soldiers wanted to mess with an angry Draca.
“Keep your mouth shut,” Sonic hissed at Tails. Then to Draca, “Sorry ma’am, we will never make that mistake again.”
Draca glanced around, then sniffed the air. “Okay, go in now and get out as quick as you can.”
Sonic and Tails quickly snuck in. Inside, they saw exactly what they had seen on the survalience tape, but much more impressive. They dug around a bit but found no Chaos Emeralds or any gems at all. Only gold was in this room.
“Hey Sonic,” whispered Tails, “there’s another room back there.”

Else where in the castle...
Chaonen grinned as he kissed in little “playmate” by his terms as twisted as they were. She screamed as loud as she could and struggled with all her might, but to no avail. “You know you enjoy this,” he whispered sarcastically in her ear, slowly forcing her towards the bed. To his surprise, she managed to knee him hard in the stomach then twist away,
hard. There was another surprise when he heard a crack as her wrist snapped. She stumbled for the door, clutching her broken wrist. “Damn idiot,” Chaonen muttered, he leaped at her and knocked her to the carpeted floor.
Socara stared up at him, with eyes full of fear and tears, silently begging him to stop. But she hadn’t spoken for five years. One day, she had just stopped. Chaonen had always assumed it was some mental state he had driven her into. Right now, he didn’t care. He just wanted to beat the hell out of her. Socara cried out as he grabbed her and slammed her into a stone wall. There was another dizzying blow to her head, and she could taste blood in her mouth. He back-handed her cross the face again, and threw her onto a couch, his angry spent.
Chaonen sighed, and got his emotions into check. “Let me see that wrist.” When finally held out her wrist to him, he sat down next to her and felt it. She screamed from the pain and tried to pull away, injuring herself even more. Chaonen growled, then touch her forehead. A moment later, she passed out. “Like I said, damn idiot.” He looked at her unconscious body, slumped against the couch. “But a pretty one.” He smiled at the thought of what he could do to her later.
Suddenly, a small asian-like dragon appeared by him, spinning in the air. “Chaonen-daimyou, there are intruders in the Treasure room,” it said. The Shadow spin again. “One is a kitsune, the other a hedgehog. They speak of Chaos Emeralds. Your servant is about to engage them.”
“Hmmm...must be Sonic and Tails,” said Chaonen, standing up. “This should be fun as well...”

After Chaonen had left, Socara woke up. She groaned and slowly sat up. “Shall I draw you a bath my hime?” The Shadow asked. Socara slowly nodded, and the Shadow floated off to do as it was told.

The next room was even more impressive in the dimmer light, lots of jewels but no Chaos Emeralds. Beyond that room was yet another darker room. This one held all assortments of what looked like to be ancient objects.
“What if the Emeralds aren’t here, Sonic?”
“There are more rooms to look, little buddy,” he replied, but just searching the previous rooms had taken a lot of time, despite his super speed.” Just gotta search all the rooms.”
“But how many more?” sighed Tails, he looked on towards the back and darker rooms.
“Many more, but this will be your last.”
“Who said that?!” Demanded Sonic, looking into the darkness. Red eyes glows from the corner. “Come out a fight you!”
The reds glow disappeared.
Tails drew his weapon. As did Sonic. Nothing happened. They stood still for a while. Still nothing happened. No attack no nothing. Finally, Sonic fired a shot to where to red glow was. The shot lit it long enough to see nothing was there.
“This is starting to scare me, I’d rather be attacked,” said Tails.
“Attacked? Well, if that’s what you want,” said a voice from the doorway. Before Sonic or Tails could say anything, torches all around the room flared, illuminating the whole area. Sonic and Tails found themselves in a large chamber with pillars by the walls. At first, everything seemed disorganized, but a second look showed it did have some kind of odd order to it.
“Chaonen,” hissed Tails.
Chaonen grinned and gestured to the side. “I’m sure you remember your old friend, Knuckle the Echidna.” To where he gestured, Knuckled the Echidna indeed stood. But his flesh was now metal, his eyes dark and cold, he had been robotitized.
“Knuckles? He’s alive?!” Sonic exclaimed. “You bastard! Aren’t you satisfied enough with killing everyone?!”
“Oh, you misunderstand, Sonic,” Chaonen replied coolly.
“I had been robotitized by my Lord Chaonen nine years ago,” said Mecha Knuckles. “He is my master.”
Sonic glared at Chaonen, he made a slight movement for his blaster, but suddenly the metal grew hot and he was forced to throw it down with a yelp.
“As you can see, his power of the fire element is still great in this form,” smiled Chaonen. “Now, I have a proposition for you. I know you’ll say something like, ‘Over my dead body,’ which can be arranged, but hear me out. I believe it will be interesting to a shall we say...hunt.”
“A hunt?” asked Tails.
“Yes, you and the other Freedom Fighters come to my city for two days. If one of you survive, I will grant you a Chaos Emerald.”
“What?!” Shouted Sonic, “Over my dead body!”
Chaonen sighed, “Spoken like a true fool. Think about it. No one but me, Mecha Knuckles and two more people of my choice will be the hunters. I am not God, so you have a chance of obtaining an Emerald.” As he spoke, a Chaos Emerald appeared floating above his hands, slowing rotating and shining brilliant green. “I’ll give you time to think about it. Twenty four hours from now.”
And with that, both Chaonen and Mecha Knuckles disappeared, and the torches went out.

End of Chapter 4

‘ill da FF take Chaonen’s proposal? Well, not dat it’s been shown Socara and Knuckles are alive, how issa dat gonna affect thin’s. Da FF could fight Knuckles ‘cux he’s a bot, but ‘ill dey be willin’ ta fight Socara? One of dere “children” who’s taken the price for their lives?