Author’s Note and Warning: Hell, I hate thing thang ;P So blah blah blah this and that, uh huh. Guess what people. Actually nothing. Listening to Slayers Try BGM music non stop. And been watching the Slayers Motion Picture over and over and over again. So those familiar with this anime, it might affect this story maybe. For those who aren’t, you’re really missing out on a cool thang. Yeah yea, this fanfic contains maybe violence, maybe sexual stuffs; shoot I’ll just say yes anyways even if I don’t know, lots of cholesterol *gonna have a cardiac arrest eh?;)*, vitamins A, B and C. Some zinc. Toxic paint. Low in sugar, all right for people with PKU. Let’s see...carbonated water, corn starch...oops wrong thang :P
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Emerald and Brass Chapter 7 by Nin’nako Foxie
Vacation Ahoy!

*another author thang* The “*” looks good in Mistral huh? BTW for those who are confused ‘bout the Nin’nako Mirror/pool. It’s like a round mirror lying on the floor. It serves as a viewing screen, but instead of glass it’s Nin’nako energy that’s really still. You know. Like when water is still. Anyways, on with the story. I think I’m done rambling. Maybe.

        The Shadow materialized in the air next to Chaonen. It looked at Oni, then the Freedom Fighters, then Chaonen, and finally the Nin’nako mirror. “It didn’t happened, did it, Chaonen-daimyou?”
        Chaonen stared blankly at the mirror.
        The shadow took that as a yes. It dropped down to the floor and stuck it’s head into the Nin’nako. Second later, it disappeared.
        Sonic, Sally, and Tails had no idea what to do or what was going to happen. Mostly they were very confused.
        “What’s going to happen now?” asked Tails.
        “I don’t know,” replied Sonic. “I think Chaonen has won.”
        “Don’t say that just yet,” urged Sally. “Come on people, some optimism here.”

        Chaonen sat down cross legged. Metal Sonic walked up. “Chaonen, sire. What of the Freedom Fighters.”
        “I don’t know.”
        A sudden flash from the mirror caught their attention. The Shadow reappeared by the Mirror and started spinning. Faster and faster till it looked only like blur. The Nin’nako began to swirl, turning whirlpool like.

        “Ancients, do we just have to stand here while they have some sappy conv-” Sonic stopped in midsentence.

*More author Ramble ramble* Ever heard of stopping at the beginning of a sentence? No one writes “and he stopped at the end of the sentence” :P Assumed right? Hmmm does anyone ever disappear into fat air?

        A ring of blue light formed around it. Abruptly the surface stilled and turned solid like ice.
        “Nani?” Asked Chaonen. “What are you doing?” Now curious.
        “One moment, Chaonen-daimyou,” the Shadow replied, slowing down. “But first, make you decision on the fate of Freedom Fighters.”
        “Why are you suddenly so concerned?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.
        The Shadow looked a little hurt. “Chaonen-daimyou, I was meerly advicing you like I have been for all these years. Your well-being is my only concern.”
        Chaonen sighed. “Fine.” He turned towards the FF. “So, what would you like? Freedom or death?”
        “I suuure you know the answer we would say,” retorted Sally. Weird...
        “But I just want you to say it,” he smiled back.
        “Freedom of course,” said Tails.
        “Of course...of course,” Chaonen sighed, rubbing his right wrist. Sally noticed a small metal band around it. “But, Socara was the last one standing.”
        “Sire,” Knuckles spoke up. He was kneeling by Oni. “She’s still alive.”
        Chaonen walked over to look for himself. “Amazing. Tough girl here. Still breathing.”
        “Really?!” Shouted Tails.
        “Impossible! She got skesh-kabobed! No one can survive that!” Argued Sonic.
        “Do you want out or not, Hedgehog?” Snarled Chaonen.
        “So, having your warrior still alive, you win.” Chaonen held out his hand, and a Chaos Emerald appeared. He handed it to Metal. “There, decision made. Now what were you doing?” He asked the Shadow.
        The Shadow spun again. Above the mirror, now ice, a small piece of Chaos Emerald materialized.
        Socara’s lifestone, thought Sally.
        The lifestone was glowing bright green, it began to warp and shiftshaped. Then expanded to form a figure. The glow disappeared and Socara lay, eyes closed, on top of the mirror.
        “Nin’nako can be odd this way, Chaonen-daimyou. As you know,” the Shadow said, a hint of sorrow in its voice. “But...” It nudged her eyes open with its snout. They glowed a slight blue. “Too much exposure. Astounding she survived, Chaonen-daimyou.”

        As Chaonen and the Shadow spoke, Metal had walked to the FF, still in the bubble/shield. He handed it to Sonic. “I have won the battle, yet you keep your life and win in the end. A mystery to me as how you do it.”
        Sonic took the Chaos Emerald. “Well, Metal. I suppose I’m just better.”
        “Lady luck must smile upon you often.”
        “You’re being awfully nice. Another personality?” Muttered Tails.
        “I’ve been programmed to tell the truth. And the truth is this is the personality that Chaonen reprogramed my with,” replied Metal.
Why are you talking to them so much?” Demanded Knuckles, walking up from behind Metal.
        “I don’t know. Just feel like it.”
Robots don’t feel,” retorted Knuckles.
        “What’s your problem?!”
Quiet. Don’t let Chaonen hear. I don’t think you should blab to the enemy.”
        “Excuse me if I have more of a Mobian personality then yours.”
        “Hey, hey. Stop arguing you two. We’re free to go aren’t we?” Asked Sally.
        “Yes. But only Chaonen can take down this shield,” said Metal.
        “Then get his attention!” said Sonic.
You all sound like pitiful humans wanting out,” sneered Knuckles.

        “Nin’nako poisoning?” whispered Chaonen. “No use to me this way. But... I...have this weird feeling, that I want to keep her around anyways. Almost... a lonely feeling...”
        The Shadow looked surprised at Chaonen. It glanced at his wrist. “Chaonen-daimyou, did you come in contact with the Nin’nako?”
        “Well, yes. I accidently got some on my face and shirt when I was searched for Socara.”
        “Get your shirt off now! And whip it off, Chaonen-daimyou!! Hurry!!”
        “What? Why?” Chaonen asked quietly. He blinked several times. Then his eyes rolled back and he passed out.
        “Chaonen-daimyou?!” It nudged at his face. “Wake up!”
        Metal and Knuckles rushed over. “What happened?!” Demanded Metal.
        “Get him to his room now!” The Shadow commanded. “Give him a new shirt and dry him off!”
        “Yes sir!” Metal quietly picked up Chaonen and jetted off.
        “Damn it! He’s not dead!” muttered Sonic.
        “But what happened?” Asked Sally. “Oh my gosh! It’s Socara, they got her back somehow!”
        “Where?” asked Tails. He watched Metal fly away, disappearing in the shadows.
        “On the pool thing,” said Sally. “I hope she’s alright.”

        The Shadow was having something close to a panic attack. Two Nin’nako poisoned people to take care of? Too much for myself. It sat on its hunches by Socara’s head. Socara-hime is in very bad shape. It looked towards the Freedom Fighters, who were looking over the Chaos Emerald. Getting up, it floated over, circling them once. They never noticed, but did when the shield faded and they PLOP!-ed on the floor.
        “Oww,” hissed Tails. “I think I landed on a bruise.
        “But who?” asked Sally.
        “Take care of Socara-hime,” was all the Shadow said.

        Sonic, Sally, and Tails found themselves by the Lake of Rings in the Great Forest.
        “How did we get here?”
        “I don’t know,” Sally replied. “But it must have something to do with that dragon thing.”
        “Shadow,” Oni muttered. She was lieing on her back close to them. “Itta Shadow. Big ‘S’.”
        “Oni!” Exclaimed Tails. He hugged her, careful of her wounds. “You did it! We won the fight!”
        “A Chaos Emerald,” said Sonic, happily.
        “And my Socara back,” Smiled Sally. Holding Socara close. “My Socara.”

        Oni was bounding around the place as soon as she could walk. She seemed to love all the new rooms and things to looke at. Also, she kept shouting things like ‘Yatta!’ ‘Sugoi’ and ‘zhe ma duo dong-she!”

*translation* Yatta and Sugoi I think are “All right!” in Japanese. Zhe ma duo dong-she is spelled the way it sounds and is Chinese. Closest english is “So many things!”

        But most of the time she liked to sit by Socara babbling for hours. Sally would sometimes watch, but this was like a big flashback. To when Socara had just been normal, before Chaonen took her. Socara hadn’t made any sounds, or even moved since they had gotten her back. All she did was lie with her mouth and eyes parted slightly. The eerie glow in her eyes worried Sally greatly. None of them had enough technical experience to repair her arm though. Instead, they bound it tightly till they could find someone to fix it. Oni frequently wheeled Socara around in a wheel chair. Sally was beginning to wonder if Oni knew something was wrong with Socara or not.
        Oni was in another one of her babbling sessions with Socara, this time showing her some drawings that she had done. “See, dat U anna mes. Dis Sally anna Sonic anna Tails. Dat one Chaonen looking lonely ‘cuz he look lonely.” Sally blinked at the mention of Chaonen’s name. She dismissed it.
        Since a week ago, things and stopped. Even the invasion in the Downunda had halted and taken quite a big blow to their forces when the Downunda Freedom fightings groups attack. Even Draca had nothing to report.
        “U peeps need vacation U knows,” Oni said, suddenly popping up next to Sally.
        “Ah! Oni don’t scare me like that. What do you mean?” asked Sally.
        “Like mes sayz. U peeps whould go onna vacation. Have some fun! Relax! Enjoy Urselves for once!” explained Oni. “Look atta all does rings unda Ur eyes!”
        “Oh,” said Sally, glancing in a nearby mirror. She’s right. She thought for a minute then smirked. “Got any ideas, Oni?”

        “A vacation!? That’d be great!” shouted Sonic. “Man, I can’t remember thet last time we could relax.”
        “But what if something happens?” asked Tails.
        “Blah, U peeps worries ta muchiez. BTW, iffa dat does happen mes ‘ill call U peeps,’kay?” said Oni.
        “And I take it you agreed to watch Knothole while we’re gone?” asked Sally.
        “Yep! Likies mes sayz! Na worries! Mes take care offa EVERYTHIN’”
        Sally sighed happily, resting her head in her hands. “Rest and relaxation. This is going to be the best.”

        That night.
        Sally, while deciding what to pack, looked at Sonic and said, “When’s the last time we could spend quality time with each other without the threat of having our lives ending at any moment?”
        “Ya know Sal, I don’t remember.” He got up and wrapped his arms around her. “But now we can find a nice quiet place, maybe a beach, and have lots of time together. Just you and me.”
        “Mmm. Sounds good already,” she said, giving him a kiss. “But what about Tails? He’ll be all alone.”
        “He’s a grown-up Sal, he can take care of himself. I’m sure he’ll find a solution.”

        I can’t wait! Tails thought. “I can finally go explore in the mountains and do whatever I wait! Hey, maybe I can even go check out that town they have up there.” Heehee, oops, I’m talking to myself. But I heard that town was really nice and relatively peaceful. Yes yes yes! He flung the things he thought he’d need into his pack, and slung that over a chair. Better get some sleep for tomorrow.

        The next morning.
        “Bye Oni! Bye Socara!” Shouted Sally, as she and Sonic started off. “Take care now!”
        “Don’t let Knothole burn down!” Laughed Sonic.
        “See ya all in two weeks!” Shouted Tails, heading the other direction.
        As the FF walked away, Oni knelt down by Socara, whom was in her wheel chair. “So wha’ U wanna do?”
        “Um...hey! Mes saw a kewlie comp inna one offa da rooms! Let’s go check dat outz! Maybe we can even find somethin’ good ta eat, o’ mes can go ta da city anna buy some. Sound fun?”
        Oni looked at Socara again. “It’ll be fun ‘kay? Mes know itta. Den maybes U get better soon anna wes can talkz wit each ada. ‘Kay?”
        “Yeah. Mes knows itta!”

        Tails took in a deep breath of foothill air. It didn’t smell any different yet. “Ah nuts,” said Tails. The sun was really hot today and Tails couldn’t seem to Hitchhike with anyone passing by so far, mostly farmers. He had found a nice stream, filled his water bottle and was now sitting by the road under a tree still trying to catch a ride.
        A trunk passed by. Seeing a window of oppurtunity, Tails leaped up and stuck out his thumb. Unfortunately the trunk passed right by, covering him with dust. But then it stopped a ways down.
        “Hey! You need a ride?” asked the farmer driving the truck.
        “ I sure do!” Tails shouted back, running up. “I’m heading for the mountains. Where are you going?”
        “My farm at the base. I can take you that far. Hop in the back.”
        “Thanks!” Tails said. He quickly climbed into the back of he truck and flopped himself down onto the pile of hay there. The truck rumbled back to life, and after a little trouble started its way down the road again.

        Tails thanked the farmer and watched him drive off, then continued along the road. It soon began to grow dark. Without any inns nearby, he set up camp in an open field. After a bit he had a fire going and was cooking hus dinner, when there was a rustle in the bushes.
        “Who’s there?!” Shouted Tails, jumping to his feet and weilding the frying pan like a weapon.
        “Only a weak old man,” said the figure that slowly stepped out of the bushes. “I was only looking for my cow and got lost.”
        Tails slowly put the frying pan down, though he still didn’t trust the old man and he also felt silly swinging a frying pan around. “Okay, so who are you?”
        “I am Nicholis kind sir. I cannot be any threat to you. In my old age my eyes are weak. I beg you for your help, sir.”
        “You mean finding your cow?”
        “Yes, I have no family of which to help me and the cow was all I had to survive other than my humble garden.”
        “Well, all right. I supppose I could help,” said Tails sitting down.
        “Oh! Thank you young man!” he exclaimed. “Morning would be a much better time.”
        “Yeah, so where you from?” Tails asked, as he heated some water for soup.
        “Ah, a small town in the mountains. I suppose I had wondered rather far it seems,” Nicholis sighed.
        “The mountains are still miles away!” shouted Tails. “Man, you must be pretty tough to get this far.”
        Nicholis chuckled. “It must be from a life in the mountains, the thin air, and steep rocks. Ah, the air is so much thicker here.”
        “You really think you cow wondered this far?”
        “That old cow is tougher than I. Once wondered into Gryphon City.”
        “Gryphon City?”
        “Yes, I live rather close. But the road has been damaged by rock slides, can’t get past at all.”
        “Shot, that’s where I was headed,” sighed Tails.
        “Ah! I have figured out how to repay you for your help. I know of another way to the city other than the road. It’s a little harder but adequate.”
        “That’s great!” Tails smacked himself on the forehead. “Sorry, I never introduced myself. I’m Miles, but call me Tails.”
        “Pleased to meet you, Tails. I grow weary, thank you for the warmth of your fire.” Nicholis leaned against a nearby tree and before Tails could even offer him something to eat, fall fast asleep.
        Several days later, Sonic set his pack down on the soft grass, breathing in the ocean air.
        “It’s lovely here! No trash or pollution at all,” exclaimed Sally gazing out to the ocean.
        “Then we have it all to ourselves!” grinned Sonic.
        Sally crossed her arms and looked at Sonic, then grinned back. “My, isn’t someone fiesty?” She laughed as Sonic wrapped his arms around her.
        “Bet ya I can find all your “hidden zones*,” he whispered in her ear.

* I got that off of one of those humor things! I think this one was from a Ten Top Pick Up Lines For Knuckles. Or something of the sort.

        “Sonic!” Sally laughed. “What if someone sees us?”
        “They can go find there own girl,” he replied, kissing her deeply.
        Sally sighed happily and returned the kiss. “Sonic...I can’t remember the last time we could just relax. This was a wonderful idea.”
        “I know,” he said, slowly pulling her to the ground. But suddenly tripped on the root of a nearby tree.
        “Huh? Ack!” Shouted Sally as they tumbled down the hill and to the beach. “OOMPH!” As she landed on top of Sonic.
        “Real smooth,” she giggled. Sally sat up and brushed the sand off of her.
        Sonic laughed back and sat beside her. “Oops. But hey! The sand broke our fall. Now come here and kiss me.”
        “I gladly obliged.” Sally pushed him down and kissed him fully on the mouth. “Mmmmmm.” She pressed herself against him as he began to remove her shirt.
        “HEY! Censor here!”
        “WHAT!?” They both shouted, jumping back in surprise.
        Just above them standing on a small over hang was a short purple fox. She had magenta eyes and shoulder length deep purple hair that covered her left eye. Her clothing was a little dusty and looked like what a space cadet would wear. “Geez, you people have some nerve! Making out infront of innocent, cute people like myself.”
        “Who are you?!” demanded Sonic.
        “Hrmph, you should show more respect while addressing the galaxy’s greatest genius, Coniau Ahcem!” She smirked.
        “No one was here before. So what do you want?” asked Sally, trying to look sofisticated while covered with sand.
        Coniau grumbled to herself and with some effort asked, “Where are we?”
        Sonic burst out laughing. “HA! You’re lost?! Not as smart as you think you are huh?!”
        “Sonic...” Sally hissed. To Coniau, “Were pretty far from anywhere, the closest place is Port City.”
        A puppet that resembled Coniau popped up from behind her shoulder. “Port City!” It shouted. Another one popped up from behind her other should. “That’s where well go!”
        “What the Hell are those!?” shouted Sonic. “They look hideous!”
        The puppets seemed to glare at him and disappeared behind Coniau again, but her glare was real. “I like I said! Some nerve you’ve got there! Now point me in the right direction!”
        Sally pointed North. “Follow the beach, you’ll eventually find it. We have an extra map if you need it.”
        “Give it here, please,” said Coniau. She took the map and studied it for a second. “Damn it. If I hadn’t crashed because of those stupid cops I wouldn’t be in this mess.” She muttered to herself, but slightly too loud.
        “You crashed?! Can’t even drive right!” Laughed Sonic.
        “Shaddup! I bet you couldn’t drive a N75 WingSped! One of the top ships in the galaxy! Infact, I bet you’ve never even been out of your solar system! What with all the primitive technology on this planet! So HA!”
        “A spaceship? Um...where did you crash?” asked Sally.
        “Well, since you gave me the map. I just so happened to have had small collision in the Collision Chaos Zone.”
        “I remember you now!” Shouted Sally, jumping up. “You were the person on the recording! It was your ship that Sonic and I checked out!”
        “We what?! When...oh that!” Sonic exclaimed. “That staff thing we used.”
        “You people stole my weapon! More nerve!” screeched Coniau. “Both of you own me big time! That was the only atomic staff I made!”
        “You made that?! Amazing!” commented Sally.
        “That’s it! You’re both escorting me to Port City!”
        “No way you bitch! All you’ve been doing is yelling at us for 15 minutes straight! We’ve been nice enough to give you the map, why should we personally escort you?!” Shouted Sonic, glaring at her.
        “I’ve been yelling at you because you deserve it! And you took my Staff! The materials for that are hard to find you know!?”
        “STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU!” Screamed Sally. “Look, let’s settle this peacefully with no more shouting and arguing.”
        A puppet popped up. “Port City! Port City!” Coniau glared at it and it disappeared once again.
        “Okay. Sonic, since we did take her Atomic Staff I think merely walking with her to the city is the right thing to do. Coniau, no more yelling, please. We were not aware at the time that it was yours, so we’ll walk with you,” Sally said calmly. “There, things settled. Let’s go.”

        “I didn’t see the cow anywhere,” Tails said. Landing beside Nicholis.
        “Pity. Then we shall search on,” he replied. “I recall, Nana, my cow, liked eating daisies. Perhaps a flower field is around somewhere.”
        Tails whirled his tails again and flew ahead. He spotted a farmer in a wheat field and landed too ask him if he’d seen the cow, Nana.
        “A cow? Nope, only seen me own chickens squawking about, yes. But no cow have I seen,” the farmer replied when Tails asked him.
        “Well, thanks anyways.” *SIGH*

        Finally at sunset, the ground had grown rockier and steeper. Then were entering the mountain. “Ah, I clue in the dirt! Cow prints and fresh too. They lead up this path. Perhaps it’s Nana returning home.”
        “The cow returns by itself!?” asked Tails. “Then why did you go looking for it?”
        “Nana doesn’t returned by herself. She’s not quite smart enough. Oh, my acking bones. I know of a cave nearby, we can spend the night there. Besides, it looks like rain.”
        Tails looked up. “Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go then.”

        Oni stuffed the groceries in her sleeve, then wondered into the street. She looked around wondering which way to go. After a bit she glanced West at the castle as the sun was setting. “Wonder wha’ Chaonen’s doin’.”

        Chaonen slowly got up. Everything was black, he couldn’t even see the ground he was standing on. “Anyone here?!” He shouted, walking in a misc. direction. “Where am I?” He saw light ahead and walked towards that. A sudden flash of light blinded him.
        When his vision returned to normal, he found himself in a beautiful forest, no, a park, he could see buildings not far away. It looked kind of familar. He came upon a glittering lake. Chaonen walked up, still wondering where he had seen this all. His reflection looked different, younger actually. He blinked in confusion and quickly turned away. A gentle breeze blew, slightly scenting of some exotic flower.
        But oddly enough, this place made him extremely nervous. He turned and walked quickly down a path that had happened to be close by. The leaves grew closer together and soon not much sunlight could be seen through the tree, giving the forest a calm, romantic feel where the sunlight did shine through. The breeze began to blow harder, he had to shield his eyes from the dust flying by.
        With all this dust in his eyes he could see a thing. Chaonen shut his eyes and grabbed onto a tree. Something struck him on the back. He stumbled and fell. Quickly as possible he blinked the rest of the dust away and looked around. No one was in sight at least. No scent of anyone.
        “I don’t like it herre.” Now he knew he was nervous ‘cause he only rolled his R’s when he was nervous. Shards, where am I? “SShadow?!” he shouted, even more worried now that he was hissing his S’s.
        “What’s the name of that flower?” said a child’s voice.
        “Who sssaid that?! Chaonen demanded.
        “We could find out. You’re always curious about things you don’t know, aren’t you?” said an older, softer voice, or least it seemed to be said out loud.
        Chaonen drew closer to where the voices came from. They appeared to come from a small isolated clearing. On a small rock sat an entirely white echidna with dragon/demon wings that were gently wrapped around small deninychus on her lap. Chaonen sucked in his breath, that child was him. But who was the echidna, she reminded him of Socara.
        The echidna looked up. “It looks like a storm is coming. Let’s go back now,” she said, but her lips hadn’t moved at all.
        The child said something but Chaonen couldn’t hear what he said. She got up and with the child’s hand in her, walked away and disappeared.
        Chaonen merely stood there, not sure what to do. The flower they were looking at catch his eye. He touched it gently. “I rrememberr thiss,” he whispered. “But...”
        Thunder rumbled. He flinched. Thunder meant lightning. Suddenly the sky was light up by an enormus bolt of lightning. He ran blindly back to the path. Rain began to pour down. More lightning and thunder. Something was chasing him, he couldn’t see or smell it, but he knew it as there. “Leave me alone!” He shouted, but was drowned out by the thunder.
You are mine, Knight.
        “Who arrre you?!” he screamed. “Leave me alone!”
You will serve me. There is no resistance.
        Chaonen ran as fast as he could. When the bracelet on his wrist began to glow. He fell hard down on the mud. The bracelet glow brighter.
Only I shall you serve.
        “Noooo! Please! I beg of you!” Chaone kept on screaming. “Noo! I...will...not...serve... you!”

        Chaonen flung his eyes open. He was in his room. Laying in his own bed. In Darkintis. Drenched in sweat.
        “Chaonen-daimyou?” the Shadow murmered. “Are you all right, Chaonen-diamyou?”
        Chaonen slowly turned to the Shadow by his pillow. “Who are you?”
        The Shadow looked shocked. “I am your loyal servant, Chaonen-Daimyou! Do you not remember, I have always been with you, Chaonen-daimyou.”
        He pondered this a bit.
        “You must be having dreams effected by the Nin’nako, Chaonen-daimyou.”
        “I don’t think it was a dream...” Chaonen said before falling back into a deep sleep.

        Even Sally was becoming slightly annoyed, but a thought kept on nagging her as she and Sonic escorted Coniau to Port City. Sonic on the other hand was about to go nuts. “Doesn’t she ever shut up?” Sonic muttered to Sally.
        A puppet popped up from over Coniau’s shoulder, who was walking infront of them. “We heard that!” It said.
        Sonic twitched, grumbled a little and shut up.
        “It’s getting dark. We should stop and find a good place to camp,” said Sally.
        “Out here? In the middle of nowhere?” objected Coniau. “Are you nuts?!”
        “Well where else are we to sleep?” said Sonic.
        “I suppose,” Coniau shrugged. She drew out a small object from her jacket, then tossed it onto the ground. An instant later, the object sprang up into a tent. “I’m sleeping in there. Only room for one.”
        “I’ve never seen one of those before,” said Sally.
        “Ha! That’s because this one is my own creation.”
        A few hours later.
        “What do you think of Coniau?”
        “You don’t wanna know, Sal. Why?”
        “She’d be a great asset to the team.” Sally quickly covered Sonic mouth before he could make an objection. “Think about it. If she were loyal to us, she could help us out a lot. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but we need someone to fill in for Lacoria and Dimitri, since they’re gone now...”
        “Ancients, but why her?”
        “Did you see that tent before is was a tent? Smaller than you’re pinky finger. And that Atomic Staff. Also as we were walking you could here her talking about something far more advanced in the scientific field than even Dimitri ever said.”
        “So, you’re saying you want that bitchy genius on our side.”
        Sally nodded in the dark.
        “But we still don’t know if she’ll join us and won’t rat on us the Chaonen.”
        “Sonic, I have a feeling that Chaonen could have killed us along time ago. But he’s like one of those people who like to play around. I mean, he killed Enerjak in a blink of an eye. Finding us and Knothole would be a snap.”
        “We’ll see then, Sal.”

        “Moooooo” went the cow.
        “Yahoo! We found it!” went the old one.
        “Oh my aching back,” went the kitsune, who happened to be totally drenched in the rain. “I can’t believe the cow how long we’ve been looking for this cow.”
        “Ah, but the upside tired young one, is that she happened to have wondered to the town you were headed,” said Nicholis. He pointed North. “There’s Gryphon City.”
        “All right! I can’t wait to actually sleep in a bed.”
        “Then this is where we part, Tails. It was nice getting to know you and thank you for you’re help,” he said. “Thank you.”
        “You’re welcome,” replied Tails. “I hope we meet again someday. Perhaps when this land is at peace.”
        Nicholis smiled and nodded. “Ah, I almost forgot. If you wish to stay at an inn, go to the Red Lion. I believe an old friend of mine is staying there at the moment. Tell him you helped me find Nana and he’ll probably get you a room for free.”
        “For free? Awesome. Who’s you’re friend? What does he look like?”
        “Ah, he has rather long black hair, but I suppose young teenagers prefer that these days. Always wearing red of some sort with a leather pouch, and carrying a staff. Blue tuff on the end of his tail, three claw marks on his cheeks, and upside down tringle marks on his forehead. Dark brown fur. You know, I have no idea what his species is. But his name’s Ark.”
        “I used to know someone named Ark that sounds kinda like you’re friend. But he died years ago besides he’d be an adult by now,” sighed Tails, he turned around. “Thanks! Till we meet again!”
        “Till then, safe journeys!” Shouted Nicholis, taking Nana by the reigns and leading her away.

        Tails finally found the Red Lion, after finding out why Gryphon City was called a city. Well, a small city but large none the less. He pushed open the doors and entered. The lobby looked comfortable and warm. A fire was blazing in the fire place, the front desk close by, and a bar in the back. He glanced at the prices and nearly fell over. I hope I can find this Ark guy. I’d can’t afford these prices and still eat! Tails glanced around.
        “May I help you?” asked a vixen that walked up. By her name tag, Tails could tell she worked there.
        “Yes, I’m looking for someone named Ark,” replied Tails.
        “Could you describe this person?”
        “Um... let’s see here. Long black hair, dark brown fur, blue tuff on tail...err what else?”
        “I’m sorry, I don’t know this person. I only started working here recently. But you could go ask the front desk.”
        “Thanks any ways,” said Tails.
        “Ark you say. Unfortunately sir, we don’t give out the names of our customers unless thery themselves are expecting someone,” said the man at the front desk.
        “Oh, well. I’ll be leaving then,” sighed Tails. He walked back onto the streets. Feeling hungry he took an apple from his pack and bit into it. “Might as well look around for a cheaper place to stay or campout again.” He looked up. Doesn’t it ever stop raining for at least a whole day?
        He walked to the the center of town hoping there would be some free entertainment or streetshows. At townsquare, there were indeed some free entertainment, in fact it look like a small festival.
        “All right!” someone next to him said happily. Tails looked over to find himself standing near a cafe table. A skylander fox that looked familiar was flipping over tarot cards for a gray, female hedgehog. Apparently, her future looked good with the smile on her face.
        “Hmm...yep. It looks like things are looking good. Also it seems adventure and change is coming you way, Nightmare,” said the fox. After a bit the reading was over and Nightmare left.
        Tails cleared his throat, the fox looked at him. “You look familiar,” said Tails. “Have we met?”
        “I don’t believe so,” the fox replied. “I’m Randy Skylander. Who are you?”
        “I’m Tails. Oh wait! I remember you now! You were in Darkintis, setting off fireworks I think with Oni.”
        “You know Oni? That little fox that’s speech impaired? j/k :P”
        “Yeah, I kinda recently met her. So you from around here?”
        “No, visiting. Gonna stay for the fireworks? That is if it doesn’t rain.”
        “Fireworks? Didn’t know any were going on.”
        “Oh yeah, always festivals this time of year at twilight.” Randy looked at his watch. “I’ve got to be going. Bye.”
        “Bye Randy.”
        Suddenly there was a big commotion by the farside of the square where the market started. “That little theif!” someone shouted. “Someone get him!”
        “Get who?!” another shouted back.
        “Didn’t you see him?!”
        Curious, Tails went over for a looked, finding himself in a crowd who also wanted to see what was happening. He pushed his way to the side, out of the way. A flash of red caught his eye, but when he turned to look there was no one there.

        It rained right before sunset so the fireworks were canceled. Tails ran into the Red Lion before he got too soaked. He couldn’t find a decent inn and couldn’t camp outside now without being drenched to the bone. With a huge sigh he walked over to the front desk. “Is there by any chance I could sleep on the lounge floor?” he asked. “I’ll pay, but I don’t have enough money for a room.”
        The man at the front desk looked at him funny. “I’m sorry sir. That’s not allowed in the inn. Yo-”
        He was cut off by the second commotion Tails heard today. At the bar, two furs were in fighting stances and fist raised. Another crowd was gathering. A Red Lion employee was trying to break up the fight, but was only shoved aside. The two combatants were shouting insults at each other and the crowd was jeering them on.
        The vixen Tails met earlier ran away screaming for the help of the kitchen staff.
        “Oomp!” shouted one of the fighters, a large gray wolf, as the other punched his across the face. “Nice punch,” he said and immediately landing a good hit in the other’s, a wolverine, stomach.
        “Not so bad yourself,” the wolverine smirked.
        “Hey! Who yawned?!”
        “Bartender, get me a club soda.”
        With the wolverine distracted the wolf pummeled him in the face and tripped him over.
        “Why you!” The wolverine jumped back up and tackled the wolf. They rolled and tasseled on the floor. The crowd had to back up to get out of there way. Tails sat down on a bar stool to watch.
        Soon both fighters were back on their feet. Each bloodly and bruised, but determined to fight.
        “Keep vis up ded you vonna get veat,” said the wolverine. He swung at the wolf.
        “Quiv vile vu can,” the wolf snapped back. He swung at the wolverine.
        Things passed in slow moment. Each fist hurtled at their targets, the crowd gasped, and the bartender handed someone a club soda.
        There was a big SMACK! as both hit each other at the same time, then fell over at the same time. The crowd gasped again, and someone burst out laughing. Everyone looked towards the bar. Particularly at a furson sitting crosslegged on the counter, who happened to be holding a club soda as well.
        It was a brown furry with a red cloak on that attracted everyone’s attention. “What?” He asked, looking confused, sipping the soda.
        “You laughin’ atz ves?!” demanded the wolf, sitting up.
        “Yeah. So?”
        “Vo vne laughs at me!” shouted the wolverine.
        The bartender whispered something to the furson with the soda. The fur just laughed again. “You two are so amusing! Now why don’t you two boys go back to fighting for...what was the reason? Oh yeah, you’re means of manhood.”
        “Vu wanna fight!?” the wolverine growled.
        “Come on!” the wolf growled as well.
        The crowd shouted its agreements.
        “Go Mr. Gazer!” shouted the fur at the front desk.
        “You owe me one,” the fur he called Mr. Gazer said. He jumped down onto the floor, staff in hand. “So which one do I humiliate first?”
        The wolf looked down at him. He was at least half a foot taller. The wolverine roared and ran at Mr. Gazer. Gazer yawned and stepped aside at the last moment, sticking his staff to the side. The wolverine couldn’t react fast enough and went flying into the wall. The wolf started circling Gazer.
        Gazer didn’t even seem to notice, just chatting with the bartender.
        How does he see with his eyes closed all the time? wondered Tails.
        “Ignore me vill you!” He growled and swung at Gazer’s head. But suddenly Gazer jumped onto a bar stool and into the air. The wolf lost his balance and fell on the stool. Gazer came back down, landing on his back.
        Gazer tapped the wolf’s head with his boot. “Want me to ignore you now?”
        The fur at the front desk walked over. “All right, that’s enough for one night. Break it up. Break it up.”
        The crowd muttered and wondered away.
        “So, what do I owe you?” Laughed the fur from the front desk.
        “A free room,” Gazer smiled.
        “But, you already stay here for free,” the fur said.
        “No, I mean for him.”
        The fur looked from where Gazer’s staff was pointing to Tails. Tails looked around and pointed to himself in confusion.
        “Yep, for a friend.”

        As they walked down the hallway, Tails asked, “What did you mean by friend? Do I know you?”
        “Maybe. Nicholis is a friend, meet Nana? Interesting cow,” said Gazer, tapping his staff on the floor as the went. He tossed Tails the key to his room.
        “Thanks though, Mr. Gazer. The room are expensive,” Tails said. “May I ask how you stay here for free?”
        “That’s a secret,” Gazer said. “Don’t call me Mr. Gazer. Doesn’t sound right. Ark will do.”
        Tails stopped at the door way of his room and turned to Ark. “Okay, I have to know. Have we met? Because I knew a guy who was just like you named Ark as well, but he died years ago.”
        “What do you think? And that can be my answer,” grinned Ark. “Enjoy you room, ‘Miles Per Hour.’”
        “’Tails’ will do,” Tails yelled to him as Ark walked back down the hall. “Weird guy, but so familiar.” I hate it when people call me that. Wait, how did he know...?

        “Wake up! We’re burning daylight!” Sonic shouted into Coniau’s tent.
        “Shut up!” snapped Coniau as she walked out brushing her hair. “Some wake up call. What nerve!”
        Sonic grinned to himself and finished his breakfast.
        “Port City should be just a few hours away, Coniau,” said Sally. “We can be there by lunchtime.”
        “Then we can get rid of you,” smiled Sonic.
        “All right!” Shouted one of Coniau’s puppets as she herself was eating.
        “Port City! Port City!” shouted the other one.
        “I heard they have great beaches there and a large fishing port. In fact most of the exports of the city is fish,” mentioned Sally. “What are you going to do there?”
        “None of your business. But one thing I do know is I’m getting a towtruck to get my ship.”
        Sonic burst out laughing. Coniau and both her puppets glared at him. “What’s so funny?!”
        “Remember when we said we used your Atomic Staff?” asked Sonic. Coniau nodded. “Well we accidently set it off and it blew up, along with your ship.”
        Coniau stared for a moment, then..”WHAT!!!!?????”
        By the time Sally and Sonic could hear properly again, Coniau had really gotten into a rage.
        “You...!!!” She was so mad all she could really do was point and glare.
        “We’re really sorry, Coniau! It was an accidently really! We were attacked and used it to defend ourselves,” Sally said.
        Coniau stamped around in circles. “My files! My papers! My ship! AH! AH! AH! AH! That’s it! You people are letting me stay where ever the Inferno you live until I obtain a craft worthy of me, even if I have to built it myself!!”
        “On one condition!” said Sally. “You here our story first, swear you won’t rat on us, then you can stay if you’d like.”
        “No...” muttered Sonic, falling over.

        Coniau brightened after she heard who Sonic and Sally really were and their battle against Chaonen. “This is looking up. Interesting...” she said, lookin at the two observantly. “Don’t have a scientist, eh?”
        “No,” repeated Sally.
        “I think I’ll stick around and see what happens! This sounds like interesting stuff! Maybe I can even observe some higher mobian life,” laughed Coniau. She stood up and pointed at them again. “Consider yourselves lucky, cause you just got the Universe’s greatest genius on you side!”
        “Ancients, no...” muttered Sonic.

        Tails didn’t see Ark at all the next morning. He asked the fur at the front desk, but he didn’t know either. Instead he found a phone with a TV screen. He looked around to make sure no one could see who he was talking to, then contacted the Knothole computer. After a bit, Oni’s face appeared on the screen.
        “Hiyas Tails! How are yaz?! Havin’ fun?” she greeted happily.
        “Hi Oni! I’m doing great! Just wanted to call and see how you were doing,” smiled Tails. “So, how are things?”
        “Thin’s be finez yeppers! Na needs ta worries!”
        “How’s Socara?”
        “Soca finez she be! Ah huh! We havin’ lots of fun!” Oni turned to face someone off of the screen. “Hey Soca! U wannaz talked ta Tails?” Oni pulled Socara, sitting ona wheel chair closer so Tails could see her. “See! Soca finez! :)”
        Tails frowned. “She doesn’t look any better. Has she spoken yet?”
        “, butta she being kewlie ya knowns anna stufferz, yeah! All right wit da world annd placie na burned yetters so dat good, yes? Now have funs! Byebye Tails!”
        Tails blinked in surprise, not understanding a word she said because she said it way too fast. He blinked again when the screen went blank.
        “So, I wanted kitsune, huh?”
        Tails nearly jumped to the ceiling, but put on a calm, innocent face. “You talking to me?” he asked without turning around.
        “Only kitsune, around. Heard “Miles ‘Tails’ Prower” is now worth a lot of money.”
        Tails finally turned around. It took a lot of control to prevent him from gasping. It was Ark. “So, you know. Not like I tried to hide it though. What are you going to do now? Turn me in?”
        Ark laughed, but was a kind of cold laugh. He looked at Tails through one eye. “I’d like to see this Knothole, freedom fighter Mile Per Hour*.”

* You people know the joke of Tails’ name right? Say Miles Prower fast and its Mile Per Hour. Got it? Okay, now I’m going to go redownload something I didn’t want to deleted, but did NEways.

End of Chapter 7

Preview: Vacation’s over, so everyone returns home to tell their tales of rest and relaxation. With new friends and allies, they’re ready once again to fight Chaonen. But what of Socara and Chaonen, both still suffering from Nin’nako poisoning? How is everyone going to react to the new members of the FF? Why the hell did I delete that song? I am I ever going to stop with the stupid question that want no answers? Where is my pencil? Did I use all of the question word who, what, where, when? No? Who the hell is reading this? Heehee, there I think I used all of them. ‘Til next chapter if I’m not dead!