Warning and author’s note: Welcome and such to another installment of Emerald and Brass! *fanfare* Yeah, whatever. Okay, let’s see... this fanfic has bad writing skills, improper grammar, most likely bad spelling, violence, sexual erm... I thinks the word that covers it would be “issue” other than the birds and the bees talk *which I think I figured out what that meant*, uh did I miss anything? Ah yeah, I found out people actually read this! yatta!!
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Emerald and Brass Chapter 8 by Nin’nako Foxie


Sally sat down on the log next to Sonic and Coniau. No one was there yet, well they were a little early anyways.
        “A camp fire?” asked Coniau. “Any marshmallows?”
        “If Oni brings any,” replied Sally. “I hope she does. It’ll be fun.”
        “Hey guys!” shouted Tails who was just walking into the clearing. “It’s great to see you all! Did you have a good time? Who’s that?”
        “Tails!” Sonic and Sally both exclaimed together. They all hugged each other. Then Sally introduced Coniau.
        “Pleased to meet you Miss Ahcem,” said Tails.
        “Whoa, aren’t you polite!” smiled Coniau. “Way better then Blue boy over there!” She glared at Sonic.
        Tails blinked in surprised. “Err...”
        Coniau looked back at Tails. “You can just call me L’il Genius!”
        Tails fell over. “Okay...”
        “Ignore her,” Sonic grumbled.
        “Oh yeah!” exclaimed Tails. “I want you too meet a new acquaintance. His name’s Ark.”
        “Ark? Wasn’t that the name of Socara’s old partner?” asked Sally.
        “It was wasn’t it,” nodded Sonic. “Weird. But that Ark’s dead.”
        “So where is this ‘Ark’?” asked Coniau.
        “Huh?” Tails looked around. “He was here a moment ago.”
        “You’re sure we can trust him right?” asked Sally.
        Tails nodded. “Where is he?”
        Suddenly a shriek filled the air. Everyone except Coniau sprang to their feet.
        “What was that?!” shouted Sonic. There was a rustle in the bushes, then Ark jumped into view and to the other side of the fire. He was holding a bag of marshmallows and laughing his head off.
        Oni ran into the clearing next, soaking wet and as mad as Hell. She pointed at Ark. “U!!!!” she screamed. “EEEVVVILLLLL!!!”
        She glared at the others. “HOW DID DIS WASTE OFFA SPACE GET HERE?!” Oni screamed.
        “Damn it, Oni. You should have just given me the marshmallows,” laughed Ark.
        “Dat’s na reason ta dump freezin’ cold water onna mes!!” Oni snapped back.
        “Actually, I don’t ever remember I needed a reason to tick you off,” Ark said thoughtfully. “In fac-” He was cut off by the knife that just hit the tree behind him and just a millimeter above his head.
        “Oni!” shouted Sally. “What are you doing?!”
        Oni whipped out a few more knives out of her sleeve.
        “Umm...why don’t you just calm down now?” Ark asked nervously. “I don’t want a blade sticking out of the chest at the moment.” Oni smiled evily, but put the knives away. Then she turned around and walked back into the forest.
        “Have ta go get Soca,” she said. Ark sighed in relief. Unfortunately for him, Oni suddenly whirled around and threw all five knives at him.

        A few odd minutes later, Oni returned with Socara in a wheelchair and in dry clothes. Ark had managed to remove the last knife that was pinning him to a tree by his clothes.
        “I take it you too know each other,” said Tails. Ark laughed, Oni just ignored him. She carefully wheeled Socara to a log and helped her sit down, then put a blanket around her shoulders. After that was down she sat down herself.
        Ark glanced, then waved at Socara but she didn’t respond.
        Sally finally stood up. “Ark, aren’t you suppose to be dead?”
        Ark, looked at Sally with one eye. “Huh? Don’t think so. I mean, I’m standing here aren’t I?”
        “Aren’t you the Ark that was a FF about 10 years ago?” Sally pressed on.
        He laughed and tossed his staff back and forth. “Hmm...ten years. That’s awhile ago isn’t it?”
        Oni came up and smacked him on the back of the head. “Blah, weirdo here na deads.”
        “Mind your own business,” said Ark.
        “Why?” she asked. “U neva do.”
        “All right people. I’m sure everyone has a lot of questions,” said Coniau. “So let’s tell some stories to clear it all up!”
        “Yeah! Storytime!” Shouted Oni.
        “Okay, we’ll take turns and tell about how everyone’s vacation went.” She gestured for Tails to go first.
        “I decided to go Gyrphon City...”

        “...well Ark caught me talking to Oni and I thought he was going to turn me in for the reward. It seems instead he want to see Knothole. So I agreed. We met again after a few days and headed back here. But along the way we ran into some problems...”

        Tails suggested they find another way to get back to the Great Forest. He wasn’t sure why, but there was a blockade along the mountain road. And by the uniforms of the people, he could tell that they worked for Chaonen. Ark merely shrugged and follow along. They found a small overgrown trail and followed that. It lead them away from the blockade, but still in the right direction. Soon it began to grow dark.
        “I think this would be a good place to start camp,” said Tails.
        “If you insist,” replied Ark.
        “Why? Is something wrong with this place?” asked Tails.
        “It depends,” grinned Ark. “Those guards were here for an interesting reason.”
        “What?” Asked Tails. “How would you know?”
        Ark tossed him a few pieces of paper that were stapled together. Tails quickly skimmed over it.
        “I don’t get it. It says something about unidentified problems, and I think something about an unstable zone. What does that have to do with them?”
        “Oh I don’t know. It just reminds me of a tale I heard. Something about a odd source of power here in these old mountains. An ancient power where the strange life did within the mountains originates. That or a big monster eating people. Either one are just as interesting.”
        Tails nodded awkwardly. They set up camp anyway, and were soon asleep. But something was nagging at Tails. In the middle of the night he got up and noticed Ark wasn’t there. The moon was full so he had enough light to see things rather well for night. I wonder where’s Ark, he thought. He want back to bed. An hour later, still restless, he got up again. Ark still hadn’t came back.
        Maybe he is going to turn me in. A low growl, snapped him to attention. For a fleeting second, he thought he saw something in the bushes. Another growl came from behind. Tails spun around in time to see a figure disappear into the night. He stood his ground for 10 minutes. Nothing happened. What was that?!
        He got out of his defensive position. When suddenly a roar came from behind and dashed at him. Tails caught a glimpse of razor sharp teeth before it yelped and was flung in the air, landing by the cliff. He heard it fall then nothing. Seeing his chance, Tails grabbed his gun and flashlight. He pointed the flashlight at where the creature had been and saw what looked like a makeshift catapult covered in dirt. Several more shrieks and crys came from behind him. Turning, he could see several of the creatures gored by sharp poles that had shot up from the ground.
        After ten more minutes, Tails was sure that all the creatures were gone or dead. A closer inspection revealed the creatures to be about 4 feet tall from the shoulders. The looked like grayhounds with small shriveled wings. They were redish-black and their teeth about an inch long. “Shit,” muttered Tails.
        He reached out to touch one when Ark suddenly grabbed his arm. “Don’t. Their skin is slightly poisonous.”
        “Were you the one who set up all those traps? What are these things?” asked Tails.
        “They’re myth to the rest of the world, reality to the people around here,” smiled Ark. “But really, they’re creatures that feed on magic if someone were to cast a spell at them. So only phyiscally attacks work.”
        “I’ve never heard of anything like this. Where did they come from?”
        “Recall that paper I showed you?”
        “Yeah, but what...” Tails thought for a moment. “Are they from an unknown zone?”
        “Yeah, you could say that,” Ark laughed. “I don’t think Chaonen knows exactly what he sent his soldiers against here. Ha, I was rather surprised myself.”
        “What can we do?” asked Tails.
        “Pray there aren’t many of them.”

        “Damn, that’s creepy,” shuddered Sally. “I wouldn’t want to run into one of those.”
        “I would! Think of the scientific possiblity! A creature that feeds off magic,” said Coniau.”
        “You’re kind would think that,” muttered Sonic.
        “Is that suppose to be an insult?!” snapped Coniau.
        “Weirdo lady go next!” shouted Oni.
        “I am not weird you freak! I’m a scientific genius!” Coniau yelled back. Oni made a face at her, pulling down an eyelid and razzing her. Coniau waved her off with a movement of her hand. “All right. I’m the storyteller now. We just arrived in Port City...”

        Coniau hated the smell of fish. “Ewww... this place is disqusting! Where is all the machines?”
        “I like it here. So many people bustling about in everyday life. Like there wasn’t even a war,” smiled Sally.
        “Pluh, not if you’re in the Downunda I heard. Chaonen’s army is slaughtering everyone down there because they’re putting up so much resistance.
        “Great way to ruin the mood,” muttered Sonic.
        “Face the facts, Blue boy,” snapped Coniau.
        “Please, let’s just get along,” sighed Sally. “But let’s find an inn. I don’t want to camp out tonight.”
        “What are you going to do?” Sonic asked Coniau mokingly.
        She ignored the tone of his voice and said, “Tag along with you people. This place is boring.”
        “I heard a story about a seamonster just outside the bay here,” said Sonic. Coniau instantly perked up. Her puppets also popped up like they were interested too. “But I don’t think you’d be interested. Wild stories like that are probably belong your level of genius.”
        “Cut the crap, Blue boy and tell me,” snapped Coniau.
        “Tell me how those puppets work first,” Sonic smirked back.
        Coniau thought for a minute. “Allright blue boy. I’ll tell ya. They’re free willed robots with advance programming far beyond your peanut brain! I store them in psuedo-space until I want them where the opening pocket in just behind my shoulders, and when I’m not using them they go back into storage. But if needed they can walk around and fo stuff for me. That enough?!”
        “What in the Ancient’s name is psuedo-space,” grinned Sonic.
        “What the name says idiot! Fake space that I create.”

        “Mes wanna see puppets!” Oni interrupted.
        “Don’t interupt me!” Coniau shouted back. “Freak.”
        “Wanna see puppets!” Oni just shouted gleefully again.
        A puppet popped up. “Shut up, freak!” Oni’s eyes widened and she grabbed one before it could run to the other side of Coniau.
        “Puppetnapper!” shouted the other one as the one Oni had struggled in her grasp.
        “Give me that back!” Coniau snatched her puppet back and put in on her shoulder.
        “WEII!!!” Oni laughed. “Kewlie puppets!!”
        Coniau cleared her throat and continued with the story. “Like I was saying...”

        They found a clean and cheap inn after awhile. The owner was friendly and told them where a few good resturants were.
        “The one he mentioned down by the beach sounded good,” suggested Coniau.
        “Why not, and he did say it wasn’t too expensive,” added Sally. “But I would really like to take a shower first. I feel so dirty.”
        “But there no showers in our rooms,” said Sonic.
        “Can’t you read?!” Coniau pointed at a sign in the hallway. It said:

Inn Baths Are In the Back.
Free to Guests.

        “Oh, those kind of baths,” said Sally. “Let’s go then.” She went back to their room to get some towels. “See you later Sonic. Let’s meet in the lounge okay?”
        “Okay,” said Sonic, and went to the men’s bath area.

        Sally slipped into the water. “Ahhh,” she sighed. “This feels great!” Coniau was still standing on the ledge of the bath. “What’s the matter, Coniau?”
        “It’s too hot,” muttered Coniau.
        “Why don’t you put you towel in and wrap it around yourself. Get used to it first,” Sally suggested.
        “That’s stupid.” She sat on the leg and put her legs in instead. After a few minutes she slipped in herself, tossing the towel on a nearby chair.
        The bath was a small but pleasant. Warm water flowed in and circulated. The baths weren’t a public baths but baths where each small room had private baths.
        “See? Doesn’t that feel good?” Sally asked, playfully splashing Coniau who sat on the other side.
        “It’s okay. But I could build a better one,” Coniau said.
        “Really? Be great if you could build one for Knothole. But we don’t have the materials,” sighed Sally.
        “Pashaw! I can get my own materials easily,” said Coniau haughtily. “I could get it done in a week. Since I’ll be staying at Knothole, I’m going to have a decent bathroom.”
        Sally smiled. “That’s great. I’m glad you’ll be staying with us. We need all the help we can get against Chaonen.”
        “What have you people been doing anyways? I mean, you’re a small group with little technology against a guy who’s almost taken over the planet.”
        “Well, mostly we spy on him to obtain military info for the resistance in the Downunda. We also sabotage his supplyships, but...”
        “What?” asked Coniau, wondering why Sally suddenly sounded so sad.
        “It’s just that, when Robotnik was our enemy, we were the main group who actually made a big difference. Now it’s like we’re just around because Chaonen doesn’t care if we’re around. Which means we don’t make much of a difference anymore. Somethings I think that all our loss and suffering is for nothing.”
        Coniau was silent for a while. “Then why do you go on?”
        Sally looked at her. “I want the people to be free. For them to live in peace again and regain my kingdom. If my father was still with us then I know he would want to do this as well.” Sally laughed sadly to herself. “Then I think of Socara...I don’t know how I’ve grown so attached to her. No idea in fact, but I raised her and look at her like my own flesh and blood. Knuckles had wanted her to be Guardian in his place when the Floating Island was still a majesty in the sky, so he helped greatly in her training.”
        “You haven’t made any contact with her in what...9 years and you still feel this way?” ask Coniau doubtingly.
        “Yeah. Amazing huh? I try not to think what Chaonen’s been doing to her those 9 years. But I remember how he used to look at her and I shudder. I want revenge on what he’s done to us, to her, to the planet and its people.”
        “Revenge...hmm. Best served cold I heard.”
        Sonic was bored, that is until two sailors came in. He couldn’t find a private room so went to the public bath. The two sailors were pretty close to him and he could hear everything they said. They were talking about that seamonster story, but by the way they were talking about it, it sounded like the monster did exist.
        “Yea, ya know tha’ ship, umm...the Mary Rose, didn’t came back on schedule and they lost contact with it,” one of the sailors said.
        “That’s the third ship this month,” sighed the other one. “Will lose all our ships at this rate. Someone’s gonna have to go out and kill it.”
        “The shipmaster was talkin’ about that today. Don’t know what he’s gonna do.”
        “That’s where the good part comes in. I heard him saying that some troops of Chao...er...”
        “Oh yeah. Oops, but anyways the rumor is some troops are suppose to show up anyday now to investigate this.”
        “Don’t know if I want them soldiers runnin’ around though. Never good for business.”
        Sonic thought about what they said. Well, that seamonster must be real then if it’s been taking down ships. He tried to remember where he had heard the story about the seamonster. Then he remembered, they had passed a small fishing village on the way to Port City. An elderly lady was entertaining some children with the story. Amazing what tidbits you can learn from overhearing others, Sonic thought, smirking.
        The sailors left after a few more minutes. Sonic decided he was clean enough, dried himself up, got into some clean clothes, then went to wait for Sally and Coniau.
        Sally and Coniau showed up after about twenty minutes. “Took you two long enough,” muttered Sonic.
        “Learn some patience blue boy,” snapped Coniau. “Takes awhile for us ladies to clean off properly. Unlike men who just jump in then say they’re clean.”
        “You guys promised you wouldn’t fight,” sighed Sally.
        “Sorry,” they both muttered at the same time.

        “And blah blah blah blah blah. We walk around for a few days. Sea monster attacks port. Chaonen’s troups get eatten. We kill monster. Bata bing bata boom. Done with story,” Coniau suddenly said.
        “Mes wanna hear all offa itta!” Shouted Oni.
        Coniau thought for a moment then said. “Nope! You get to suffer from curiosity now for grabbing my puppets!”
        Oni muttered under her breath. “Meanie.”
        “I wanted to hear the rest too,” said Tails.
        Coniau smiled evily. “I love doing this to people! Tell a great tale then cut out the interesting parts! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”
        “I can tell the rest,” offered Sally.
        “Huh? Everyone looked at Ark.
        “I think Coniau should tell it. After all, she did start it,” he said.
        “Why?!” Asked Sonic.
        Ark leaned forward and looked at Coniau, pointing a finger. “Why not? It would be good practice for you. After all, facing your fear is the best way to conquer it.”
        “What the hell are you talking about?! What fear?!” Snapped Coniau.
        “Well, obviously. You were so scared by the monster that you don’t even want to talk about it because it might bring back bad memories.”
        “I’ll show you, bum!” Shouted Coniau and started the tale where she left off. Ark sat back and smiled, closing his eyes again.

        Sonic and Sally were strolling on the beach, having a wonderful time just being together by the piers. Coniau on the other hand has refused to even touch the sand and was sitting on a bench on top the commercial pier happily tapping away on her laptop.
        “There has to be something interesting around here,” she said to herself, hacking around what uninteresting files Port City kept in its data banks. “Bah, boring boring boring.”
        “Boring,” said one of the puppets. A passerby stared strangly at the puppet then walked on.
        Coniau rested her head on her hands and thought. Look at this. Me! The greatest genius in the universe stuck in this stupid fishing town! Infernos! I wish that seamonster would show up. At least It’d be interesting to study. Suddenly she perked up. “That’s it! I’ll do it myself!”
        Another passerby looked oddly at the lady who was shouting to herself. Not like Coniau cared. She sat back down and typed away. Her screen filled with numbers and symbols only she could understand. Infront of her, the air began to shift. Then a 2D square of light formed. Coniau shoved her laptop aside and reached on to the light. She pulled out a flat object and threw it over the side of the pier, into the water. As it hit the water, a mechanizim clicked and the object unfolded into a boat.
        “That’s more like it!” said Coniau. “Oh, I just love my inventions!” She jumped in, then sped out to the opening of the bay.

        Sally glanced out towards the ocean. “Hey! Isn’t that Coniau?” She pointed into the distance.
        Sonic looked too. “How she get that boat and where’s she going?”
        “I don’t know. But isn’t it dangerous going to the ocean in that small boat?”
        “Who cares. It’s her life,” muttered Sonic, who was secretly glad she was gone.
        Unfortunately, Sally was worried about Coniau. Why would she be going out to sea? Sally thought for a bit.
        “Ha! I bet she wants to go study that seamonster,” laughed Sonic, jokingly.
        “Oh ancients! Why didn’t I think of that?! Her curiousity probably got the best of her plus boredom!”
        “Sal, I was only kidding,” Sonic said nervously.
        “But you’re right! She’ll get herself killed,” said Sally.”We have to go stop her before she’s out in the open sea!”

        Coniau set the boat on autopilot then set up her equipment that she got through the portal as well. The sonar started beeping just as she set up the last piece. “What luck! It’s showing up already!”
        She was so excited that she didn’t notice Sonic and Sally coming up to her. Sonic was flying across the water with Sally in his arms. “Coniau!”
        “What the?! What are you people doing here?! Can’t you see I’m busy?!” Coniau snapped.
        “We’re here because you’re going to get yourself killed out here!” shouted Sally.
        “I’m a professional! I know what I’m doing! Besides, it’s better than that boring town.”
        “How do you even know its going to show up?!”
        “Because it’s right there!” Coniau jabbed a finger at the sonar screen. “See! But my calculations it should be here in two minutes!”
        “We have to get out of here!” Shouted Sonic.
        As they argued, none of them noticed two certain objects that were getting closer and closer ‘till a gigantic head rose up from the water and stared down at them. All of theme looked up at the same time and screamed. The monster was surpised at this small meal screaming their heads off, that it roared too.
        “We’re all going to die!!” Screamed Coniau.
        “Hurry up and turn this boat around!” Shouted Sally.
        “Uh Sal,” said Sonic. “I don’t think we can.”
        “Why not?!”
        “Because of that warship!!” Sonic pointed at the warship that was not far behind them.
        “Warship...?” Coniau’s ears flopped to the sides of her head.
        The seamonster roared at the warship, seeing it as a bigger threat then the tiny people beneath it. Suddenly the ship opened fire on the seamonster. It screamed and quickly ducked back under the water. There were several explosions in the water and Coniau assumed that they were using missiles.
        After a moment, things were quiet again. “Do you think they got it?” asked Sally.
        Abruptly the hold of the ship shuddered. Then the seamonster reared up and smashed itself against the side of the ship. It lunged forward, then withdrew. There was blood on its mouth.
        “It’s eating the crew!” Laughed Coniau, then got punched in the arm by Sally.
        “That’s not funny and we need to get out of here fast!”
        “Sheesh,” muttered Coniau, but she quickly started the engine anyways and headed back to the bay.
        Unfortunately, they had no idea how long the creature was and ran into its tail that was just out of sight belong the water. It turned and lunged at them, while the remaining crew saw an opening and began firing the cannons.
        The boat capsized and Sonic, Sally, and Coniau were flung into the ocean. Sally used her magic to make a wave shoved them out of the way just before the seamonster bit down on her and Sonic. “Where’s Coniau?!” Sally yelled, getting herself and Sonic to a relatively safe distance, since the seamonster once again turned its attention to the warship.
        “I don’t know!” Sonic yelled. “I didn’t see her anywhere!”
        “Oh Ancients! Does she know how to swim?!” Sally immediatly formed an air bubbles around themselves and dove down into the water. Underwater, they were amazed at how the long the seamonster really was. “It must be at least a mile!”
        “There she is!” Sonic pointed at a dark shadow below them in the water that was slowly sinking.
        Sally made a current move them down there as quickly as possible and pulled Coniau into the bubble. She touched the side of her throat then checked for a heartbeat when Coniau wasn’t moving. “Sonic! She’s not breathing!”
        Sonic knelt down, grimaced that put his mouth to Coniau’s and breathed out. Then pushed down on her chest. After a few more tries, Coniau coughed up a lot of water and opened her eyes.
        “Knew I should of learned how to swim,” she muttered, slowly sitting up. “What the Inferno?!”
        “You mean the bubble?” asked Sally. “I thought I mentioned I was an aquamancer.”
        “Magic? Humph, science is more logical,” said Coniau.
        “Well this magic, is what saved your life,” snapped Sonic.
        “Wait a sec,” she replied. She turned away and gagged. “Argh! He touched me!!”
Sally sighed as Coniau tried to get so called “Sonic Cooties” off her lips.
        As they surfaced by the shore, they could see that the ship and seamonster were both in bad shape, but the ship was far worse. “What are we going to do?” asked Sally. “The seamonster is obviously going to be the winner. Then it’ll attack the port.”
        Coniau snapped her fingers. “We can run it aground! Then it’ll just die.”
        “That’ll be one huge carcass,” said Sonic.
        “And how do we run it aground anyways?” asked Sally.
        “You’re an aquamancer right? So can’t you control the water and cause a tidal wave to shove it on to land?” Coniau asked Sally. “I have some equipment but none of them are strong enough.”
        “Well, I’m not that good either. But if we combine your equipment and my power, then maybe.”
        “It’s worth a shot,” said Sonic.
        “We’ll have to be about...oh....5 meters away from it for my equipment to work though,” Coniau pointed out.
        “Greaaaaaaat,” sighed Sonic.

        A few minutes later, Coniau had gotten another boat and her equipment ready, which looked at a fan connected to a pump, and they were slowly getting closer to the monster. It hadn’t noticed them yet, because it was still having a lovely time playing tugboat with the warship. Sally grabbed onto the end of the hoselike object and dove into the water, just under and to the side of the monster. With everything set, she gave the signal by tugging on the hose twice. The hose vibrated slightly so she knew the pump had started. I hope this works, she thought, as she began to concentrate her powers. Suddenly, the monster dived down under the water and was looking straight at Sally. Sally froze, not knowing what to do. Nice seamonster, don’t eat the scrawny squirrel. Unfortunately, the monster had other ideas and lunged for Sally. She screamed and started for the surface, but the monster was too close it was by her in seconds. It opened it mouth and chomped down on the hose, just missing Sally who dodged to the side. At first, it wondered what it had just bitten, when it’s mouth started to inflate. It let go of the hose immediately, but the hose was around starting to form a whirlpool. Quietly gathering her wits, Sally added her power to the whirlpool. It grew bigger and bigger. The monster realized the situation to late and was swept in. It roared its fury as the whirlwind pushed it to the surface.
        On the surface, Sonic was worried as to why Sally was still down there, when a large shadow rose up. The monster burst there the water. There was a thump behind Sonic and Sally climbed into the boat.
        “Phase 2, here we go!” shouted Coniau, adjusting the controls. The hose below was now causing a tremendous amount of force and was pushing the monster towards land. Sally concentrated her power with it and it formed into a tidal wave. The monster was still roaring and struggling to get back to deeper waters. There was a gigantic splash and the monster was driven onto ground. It writhed and twisted but to no avail, and the crew of the battleship finished it off.

        “WAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Seamonster died! Why do all do kewlie monster have ta die?!” sobbed Oni. “WAAHHHHHH!!”
        “Godzilla’s dead, Godzilla’s dead, Godzilla’s dead, Godzilla’s dead,” he chanted, which only made Oni cry more.
        “Whoa, that’s some ride,” said Tails, over Oni’s bawling and Ark’s chanting. “But Coniau, how do you know what happened when you were unconcious?”
        “They filled me in,” she replied, gesturing to Sonic and Sally.
        There was a moment of silence, except sniffling from Oni.
        “Hey! We didn’t open the marchmallows yet,” said Ark. He got two then tossed the bag to the others. “Damn, aren’t you suppose to relax on vacations? What’s wrong with people?”
        Everyone just laughed, though they had to admit, it had been fun. Ark glanced over at Oni, who was offering a roasted marshmallow to Socara, then sighed.

        “Please, I beg of you sir! End my miserable life! It don’t deserve to live!”
        “Tell me what I want to know, and I’ll let you have this knife,” said the brown cat, dressed in the armor of one of Chaonen’s elite guards.
        “In the Downunda, the desert five days south of the small village of Sandnit. There are ruins and a cave...that’s all I know sir!” sobbed the prisoner.
        The guard gathered up the note pad he had and the Memory Replay, then left the room. As he closed the door, he could hear the sound of someone slicing their own throat. “Get rid of the trash in there,” he said to another guard.
        “This should make Master Chaonen very happy,” grinned Telaros.

End of Chapter 8

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