Black Magic spells primarily focuses on offense. Most of spells in this category are purely designed for spontaneous use.

And don't forget the Sorcerer General's warning: "Prolonged use ot the Black Magic spells can cause permanent soul damage. Use with caution."

[ Abstract Vision]
[ Aurora Flare]
[ Biohazard]
[ Dynasty Array]
[ Elishen Ray]
[ Fireball]
[ Flare Lance]
[ Fury Plight]
[ Lighting]
[ Mega Rondo]
[ Mitzu Blas]
[ Reflection]
[ Teleport]

Abstract Vision
This spell triggers the victim's private nightmares so that they can only see that instead of reality. Confusion effect. Sometimes used as a torture technique.
Aurora Flare
This spell sends out a straight beam of energy. Effective on ghosts and the undead.
Biohazard prevents the victim from using magic of any kind for a certain amount of time, depending on the caster.

Dynasty Array
The second most powerful spell in typical Black Magic books. It has the power to blow an entire city away in one shot. Usually the blast comes up from the ground. The power is summoned from the Master of Beasts. He's not as powerful as the Lord of Nightmares, but one still doesn't want to keep borrowing his power.
" He who resides in the earth...
The father of the beast...
With thy fangs, I shall destroy all who stand in our way!

 Elishen Ray
This spell fires mutiple beams at a high speed. Has about the same power as Aurora Flare, but not as effective on ghosts and the undead.
A very effective spell when one is mad. Easy to cast with damage range from light to medium. This spell is also partly an Elemental spell.
Flare Lance
Energy forms in the shape of a lance that then can be thrown at the target.

Fury Plight
This spell is more destructive than a mere fireball and has the mulitple effect of an Elishen Ray at one time. It looks like Fireball though, but with many of them.

This spell can't hurt anyone or thing up someone's eyes. It's only used as a light to see. Also partly an Elemental Spell.

Mega Rondo
This spell shapes itself into a boomerang shape that can be used repeatedly without recasting.
Mitzu Blas
Mitzu Blas is the most powerful spell in Black Magic. Far more powerful than Dynasty Array. This spell utterly destroys everything in its way by enveloping it in nightmares. The power is drawn from the Lord of Nightmares. Should not be used often, the Lord of Nightmares get irritable very easily. He also demands a favor for each time it is cast from the caster.
" Nightmares in the stream of existence...
Grace upon the sea of lightning...
I swear my servitude to thee!
Let no fool stand in our way!
By the power of my lord...MITZU BLAS!!"
Reflects a spell back at the caster. A risky spell because the ability to reflect a spell depends on the caster's power and the power of the opponent's spell.
Caster teleports to another location. Distance depends on the caster's ability and how far they want to go. Objects and people can also be carried.