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DO IT DAN' IT! Why can't I transfer this over to! Am I doomed to tripod forever?! ><;;
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And of course, Happy Thanksgiving everyone^_____^

No pic this year =/ stupid school and it's stupid work and it's staff whom I discover someone famous every few weeks @___@; Two new things I found out last night during dinner. There is a prof. here in the Aerospace dept. who can make rocket fuel out of atmosphere and proved it. In his back yard, built the device in his garage or something XD NASA can't afford to buy it though. He isn't asking for much money for the patent but he does want contributions for the University if I recall right*heard it from Kye*. I think he name was something like Zimmerman...can't remember >< I also found out the CIA contracts alot of people from the Engineering dept. mostly since by the end you're gonna have some dang good problem solving skills. I hope I end up like that o.o And I complain about school and the stress and destruction on my physical health, that's at least half my own fault, but it's good for me and I do like it here. Don't wanna be scaring people away from universities if that's where they wanna go, now^^
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Last night on tv...I saw a commercial for the Norbert toy...I want! *_____*
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I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt I was a sandwich making guy who looked just like Santa Claus and had to do Santa's job. One part I'm sure was influenced by Harry Potter with Neville flying around on his broom, 'cuz I was flying around like him but with the sleigh and reindeer o.O; Also I couldn't turn my reindeer very well or get them to speed up 'cuz I didn't have my whip. According to Randy's Holiday tips from PSM you crack your whip about 100ft before the turn, then pull you reindeer into a powerslide XD Later in the dream I ended up in a Victoria's Secret store that looked like one of those 1 Dollar stores. But they had that nightgown I wanted for $8 so I bought it ^^;

I think I fell asleep on Ark*or Soca even* last night >.>; Can't really remember, was tiredtired, but I do remember Soca screaming "I'll kill you dead!" and was choking him on my bed and I was trying to I guess Ark could say he was in bed with two woman and still be correct XD Wonder what they were fighting about~ Don't really wanna ask though. *whisper: they fight about the weirdest stuff o.o but they're good friends^^* My guess is that I was trying to get them to go away or fight in the hall at least, then probably fell asleep on's happened before >.>;;
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Just got back from the Harry Potter movie ^_______^ ah man it rocked so much!! I must go see it again *____* Harry's so cute^^ Madam Hooch...was so kewl, that hair, those eyes, her whole being o.o; I loved the Quidditch match*not to mention the sexy keeper ;)*! I wanna fly on brooms~ WEiiiiiiiii~!
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I want to see the Harry Potter so bad it's not funny ><;; All my friends have seen it already too..some even twice.

In good news I quit my job, no more anthrax for me XD
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I've discovered first hand to never mention Victoria's Secrets stuff when men are present. agh men, agh Ark~ apparently he doesn't find comfort in simple floraled underwear like that microsoft commericial XD Not like I wear that but still o.o;

Me: I really liked it though. Haven't seen it in the stores either. Too bad it's about $50, but then again, Victoria's Secret stuff is always expensive.
Soca: Plugh, you never buy clothes or things like that for yourself, and you've been working hard, might as well treat yourself to something. Oh, hey Ark.
Me: *turns around* Why are you grinning like that?
Ark: Sexy underwear things? =3
Me: Huh? Hey! Have you been rooting around my underwear box?!
Ark: You mean the big blue one?
Me: How'd you know? I never told you.
Ark: I found it by accident when looking for food^^;;
Me: Oh why are you grinning?
Ark: So, I heard you're ordering something from Victoria's Secrets? Can I help you decide? Is it a bra? Thong? Panties? Chemise?Laced up bodice thingies? Revealing robe? Long sexy silk night shift? You're gonna model it for me when you get it right? Yes yes yes?
Me:'s a chemise, a sexy, very revealing, black lace and silk chemise and I'll model it for you, all niiiight looong~
Ark: I love you *_______*
Me: *twitches*
Soca: Oni, that's mean, stop messing with his puny male sex driven mind.
Ark: Huh? No sex? ;____;
Soca: We were talking about a long, white, cotton night gown.
Ark: I wanna cry...
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Oh yeah, went to a sushi party with my japanese class thursday night^^ It was freakin' fun, crowded but fun^^ Waiter even turned a blind eye for those of us who were doing the under age drinking thing, not like I advocate drinking but they were being responsible about it. Mmmmmm sushi~sashimi~tempura...I want some right now >.> We finally learned each other's first names too XD We're so used to calling each other by our lastnames we never learned, or hear more than once for that matter, our firstnames^^;; I forgot them all already >.>; And oddly enough, I have no idea what my professor looks like o.o We're only taught by the TA, which is fine by me 'cuz she's nice^^

Alright, have my layout planned out for turning this thing into a sketch blog, then off to my livejournal I go~ er...if I can figure out how to do comments...maybe I should ask Swammi if I run into trouble^^;;
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I envy anyone who gets to see the Harry Potter movie today o___o
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Finally got it all, well most, transfered and coded and blah x.x Layout sucks we know, but that's just a temp. layout until we can get our new one up. But that'll be a while.

I think I'm gonna turn this thing into a sketchblog~
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