Songs of Yesterday


I had a kinda weird dream o.o
But while Kristen seems to dream about her
characters, I get architecture and some Monteview
Highschool blowing up o.O

I one part of my dream I was at this
beautiful waterfall. There was only stones
around with the red kinda sandstone
you see in Garden of the Gods, CO.
The river was very wide and didn't
flow very fast with the water being
only about 6 inches deep and crystal
clear. Okay, here's the neat part.
Below the water was a laid out pathway
of sorts that spanned most of the river
and almost went right up to the edge.
Flat sandstone again, big slads of it.
Then around it was assorted stones
of the same color. Very pretty~ *__*
Then farther up there was an angel
statue before the natural stone archway.
Ah was so pretty~! and I was walking
around in the river too! 'cuz ya could,
there were other people around. Like
a national park. It was in Ilinois too O.o
don't ask, but I remember saying
"Why is all the kewl stuff in Illinois?!"^^;;


This is the kewlest fanart of Freya I've
ever seen~! *___*


6:49:40 PM

Tonberrys' are kewl!
Don't argue with me! ;)

7:12:16 PM

Kao?! What idiot ruined my last name?!
It's pronouced GAO, 'G' man 'G', I mean it's not
that hard, I know that Chinese to English is hard
but that one's easy! ><

I have such a piffle of a Chinese name (I'm
Chinese for those that don't know o.o),
Xiao Ni...piffle. Soca has a neato name,
Bai Hwa(White Flower). My grandpa's
brother had a really neat one, Bai Nien
(Hundred Years). Kewl huh? ^^ I wish I coulda
met him, he was a famous Chinese Operastar =D
but then Red Communists killed him ;_; I can't
remember what Chaonen's and Asia's were though.
Ark(Chinese/Korean) I think is Shin Long(New
Dragon). He has a Korean one too, but that's beyond
me o.o I don't have the greatest grasp in Chinese
to English, but I think I wrote 'em right^^;;

Look what I found again~!^^;;
One of mine more uh...innovated pics I thinks~ o.o


I saw the Iron Chef for the first time today~!
Heh, I love this show now! ^__^ It's so fun~

Can having family be considered a
handicap? In a sense I think it is^^;;
With all my Mazoku Lords and Ladies,
they all have some sort of handicap in
there physical forms, I mean.

White Silence: mute.
Lord of Darkness: crippled in the legs.
Demonmaster: blind.
Hellmistress: deaf.
And then with the Lord of Nightmare
and Master of Beasts...they're handicapped
by each other, being brothers, and they're
both somewhat schizrophrenic. The other
personality is the angery, dark demonic
side. wei~

Dynasty really doesn't like being the
youngest. The others pick on him, especially
LON *he makes Dynasty eat vegetables, isn't
that evil?! o.o well since Dynasty is a carnivore
it's evil^^;;* aw, but he's really cute, likes to
take a child form alot and call Lady Silence
'mama~! *recieves pat on head*' He's the
only one that smacks his Companion
around too...o.o

"He smacked me first!" ;_;

Spoiler for story~
yeah, I know I've been having lots of
spoilers...but ya know, who really cares
about my story NEwayz^^;; I don't
take NE thought of that though, I write it
for my own entertainment~

My attempted to write an on the spot
story. Think of the setting as FFVIII's Balamb
Garden's main lobby area.

He slowly walked across the surface of the
water, his robes trailing on the water. The
Companion walked by his side, head drooping
a bit.

It was afterhours now, there shouldn't be anyone
out of there rooms, not even Instructors or Admin.
So there was no danger of anyone seeing him.


Dynasty, jerked his head so forcibly in the direction
of the voice that he stumbled and fall into the water
with a splash. "Oni, I-I uh did not think anyone
was awake," he said nervously, trying to cover
his face with his robes. He couldn't let her see
that he wasn't in his illusionary disguise.

"Is alrightz, Headmaster," she replied. "Mes
knowz...u are da Master of Beasts."

He looked at her through the dimmed lobby.
Then stood up, a bit embarassed. Walking with
ease through the water this time, he hopped over
the edge and sat down. "Does Ark know you are
awake?" he asked, smoothing his hair back.

Oni shook her head. And sat down beside him
when he invited her to. "And you do not think
differently of me now?" he asked.

"U are da Headmaster."

Dynasty sighed and tilted his head up,
looking at the stars through the skylights. "Oni... do you cry?"

"Is hard ta sayz in wordz..." she replied after
a pause. "U cry when u sad o' happi o' angri.
Oni cry when she sad 'cuz somethin' bad
happen ta someone she love o' feelz fer...iz
a feeling deep down, mes guess. Ur heart
hurtz anz ur mind hurtz. U wanna cries
because it hurtz..."

"When Elrean died, I felt sad but I did not cry.
Then Koji was taken as well, still I did not cry."

"Did u love ur servants?"

" I know that I did, but I did not think
I really knew back then. I do not think I knew
...emotional attachment. Just some mortals I
spent my time with..?"

"Maybe u na ready ta cry, 'cuz u dun fulli
feel itz. Oni was like datz..."

There was silence for a moment, then Oni
stood up. "Mes betta get back ta room nowz."
Dynasty nodded and bid her goodnight.


"Hai, headmaster?" she asked, turning back
towards him.

"Thank you, it means alot to me..."

The End

Yeah, I'm such a sap ^^;;
Blah, but I'm gonna draw pictures based
on that~ After I finish his robe designs~

Does Denver know how to celebrate
in style or what? =D


Happy New Year everyone~!
*throws confetti and drinks sparklin'
cider in a kewl crystal cup*

Aiya, it's been busy this year. Don't
even have a New Years pic or anything yet.
There'll be one for Chinese New Year though^^
I'm not a partying type person^^;; haven't
been in the best of health during the holidays
and still kinda so suppose I shouldn't be
partying anyways.^^;;

NEwhoo, I was thinking on what to do with
my character Headmaster Dynasty. Right now
he looks too much like Headmaster Cid from
FFVIII 'cuz his design was rushed. I really like
him though^__^ right now I think he's one of
my fav. peeps~ Him and Chaonen *wai,
I missed Chaonen ;_; but he's doin' wha'
he wanna be doin'z so I wish 'em luck^__^
I mean ya gotta move on. College is coming
for the rest of the Zetallis crew. Chaonen's
at the Air Force btw, that's why we don't get
much contact right now ~*

Spoiler Warning for my story.
I developed the school system in my story
offa the one in FFVIII 'cuz that's what I was
playing at the time. So ya got your GardeN
which educates from 8-20 year olds. Mostly
it's military based, which means you either
become part of the Elite class *which in
like the SeeDs, but I don't have a name yet*
or you move on and usually go into a military
/combat career. Though it's not just that,
it has other stuff from math to legend
studies. It's a private type school and the
students live there during the semesters.
The tuition is like colleges.

So there are a few GardeNs throughout
Cephta. Headmaster Dynasty is for the
Keynata GardeN, which is not too far from
Point: Keynata*that's a city so ya know.*
The Administrations' identities are kept
secret, they wear uniforms that mostly
consist of long covering robes and a
hat/visor that covers their head and
shades most of the face. Teachers
have a fancied up version of the student
uniform and are refered to as Instructors.

Headmaster Dynasty is a kewl guy^^ He's
nice and everything. He's kinda old but with
Cephtans it's hard to tell the age NEways,
but he looks to be late 50's to mid-60's,
got the graying hair going. Likes to walk
around the GardeN alot and talk to students
and Instructors when he's not loaded with
things like paper work. He's always in the
presence of his assistant and a creature
that resembles a greyhound but more
reptilianish. Even if I made him up I love
his name NEways^^ Dynasty~

I just love his attitude and everything~
*Mostly I make a up a character then
they kinda take over and develope
themselves...hey, I assure you, I'm prefectly
sane =P* He's so easy going, even joins in
sometimes in the Breaker's Circle
*breakdancing and all, he can do some
TopRock^^ learned it from students and
other peeps*

Okay, here's the real spoiler
He's actually the Master of Beasts Dynasty
and the creature is his companion, a
Hellhound. But he doesn't have his full
powers anymore, 'cuz he's hiding from
Damien who can only track him by his
powers. So he gave it all up and lives like
a mortal, well tries...he's still an immortal
entity, the ways of life confuse him alot.
Things like love and saddness. He loves it
though. If he was given a choice he'd stay
this way. After the death of his Priest and
General, he changed alot, first time he was
ever sad and understood the pain death can
bring. He can't always keep the old man
personality though, he likes to have fun and
try new things, like the breakdancing. Ark
helps him out alot*his assistant* but then
there's Oni, who's going through the same
emotional deal he is.

Deep down, he's sad though. He doesn't
understand why he doesn't understand things.
And, he really does love his brother *Lord
of Nightmares Mitzichun, who's been taken
over by Damien* Yeah, then there are all those
lives and worlds he's destroyed before he
experienced his own losses.

I wanna babble more about him *w/ a lil story*
but I'll do that tomorrow^^;; least I'm
writing stuff~

Check it out~
I ended up in Ravenclaw^^;;