Songs of Yesterday


Melodies of Life
I took this to see who I was compatible with.
The point that Irvine Kinneas *the sexy, gunslinger from FFVIII*
wasn't at all on the list of possibilities made me sad =(
# 1 Zidane Tribal
# 2 Eiko
# 3 Sephiroth
# 4 Cait Sith
# 5 Kuja
# 6 Locke
# 7 Queen Brahme
# 8 Rinoa Heartilly
# 9 Cid Highwind
# 10 Mog
# 11 Seifer Almasy
# 12 Celes
# 13 Beatrix
# 14 Edgar
# 15 Garnet Till Alexandros

Yeah, Zidane^__^ This went to 25 btw.
I LOVE FFIX, I find it so beautiful *__*
It's incredible how they went into the stories
of all the characters. Not just Zidane and Garnet.
Vivi, Freya and Zidane are my absolute favs. not
counting chocobos of course, kweh~!

Spoiler Warning

One of my favorite scenes was where the Black Waltz no. 3
attacked the group while they were on the cargoship with
the blackmages. No intense, fighting music, but lovely
soft melody instead. *sigh* It couldn't have been done any
Another was when they were entering Memoria and all
the Silver Dragons were attacking, then the airship fleets came
to their aid. That was kewl~ Not just all the spiffy dragons but
what was going on in everyone's minds.
I really liked Kuja at the end. He realized what
he needed to realize, pity it was too late. But like they
said...he rebeled against his supposed meaning for
life, he gave them all hope...
The ending didn't have as much FMVs as the last
two games. I loved it however. It really went into what they
felt. I believe that Garnet spoke for all of them. It was
beautiful, the dialogue...I revel at times in good makes me feel like my memories and thoughts
really are part of the sky...
I never had any real attachment to Eiko, but I do love
Regent Cid and Hilda's pretty kewl too. The 'father, mother'
dialogue was so nice for Eiko. Her not wanting to be alone
anymore and all.
I feel happy for Freya, she has found her love once again.
I read Sir Fratley's "...I love you, Freya." Without him
remembering their past as that, he doesn't need to
remember what happened before, it's his memory
deep inside his heart that tells him what he needs to know.
I can't tell about Vivi's children makes me happy
that he doesn't fear stopping, but does that mean he had
stopped at this point? Or died?
Quina may be comedy relief, but what s/he had to say
was meaningful. Food needs to be made with heart. This is
important especially when cooking for friends.
Even Amarant in his few words had something to add.
Steiner did indeed fall in love with quite a woman.
I get tears in my eyes watching/reading the ending.
"I want to be your Canary" is a perfect way to start and end.
Oh and the climax of the play where 'Marcus' prays that his
only wish is..."To have my beloved Dagger with me."

How can it be any better?

I want my memories to be part of the sky.

Dun worry, I'll change the format soon^^
Have everything planned out....just hope I
know enough html to do it o.o;;

Songs of Yesterday
Wonder if anyone will read this.
Wonder if I'll ever really write in this...o.o