F   U   R   R   Y     A   R   T  

Oni in Armor Oni dressed in Cephtarian armor and with her beloved scythe. This girl needs help with her weapon obsession.
Attack of the Biology Terms Mwahaha! Attack of the Biology Terms! Kinda speaks for itself, so I'll shutup. Well...click the link!
Jeopardy Some sketch when Oni was bored. Oni, Soca-chan, and Chaonen playing Jeopardy and guess who's winning.
Malik This is Malik, a character from the comic Oni and Socara was doing. He's Enit's best friend, but a thief and murderer at heart.
Sketch of Sebrina A small sketch of Seby done in Biology. BTW Oni got a whole week of lecture in that class so expect a lot of sketches. Seby herself.
Sibbling Rivalry I'm not saying anything. It's color but a sketch so it's stuck here.
Thumbs Up Oni and Soca-chan giving you the thumbs up! Poor Chaonen seems to not have as many fingers as other furs.
Pikachu First Pokemon fur on the net! Meet Pikachu who's a pikachu.
Angry and Dark This is a character depiction of one of the main characters in the comic Oni and Soca-chan were doing. The rest is a secret :P
Kabuki A misc. sketch of Kabuki Nekono done in purple pen.
Asia A sketch of Asia with transparent gradient fill. Another one of those clase drawings. Ignore the word "organic."
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