F   U   R   R   Y     A   R   T  

Ark as Sephiroth  Me dressed as Sephiroth. Dang, I like Vincent better. Sephy (C) of Squaresoft.
Asia as Tifa Asia dressed as Tifa. Oni's friends said this one looked good. Tifa (C) of Squaresoft.
Ma-Rine as Cid Yeah yeah. I know. Marine is female but hey! Cid (C) of Squaresoft.
Telaros as Vincent Argh... Telaros dressed like Vincent. Anyone catching onto a theme here? Anyone else think that Telaros is a jerk? ;) Vincent (C) of Squaresoft.
Chaonen as Rude Chaonen dressed as Rude of the Turks (Tarxs whatever you like). And no! He's not missing an arm!
Socara as Reno Soca-chan dressed as Reno of the Tarxs (Turks). Oni's thinking of doing this one over. Like Hell she should! Reno (C) of Squaresoft.
Oni As Rufus Oni loves this pic. Probably 'cuz she's dressed like Rufus from FF7 and she has a shotgun. 0.0 run fro your lives!!! Rufus (C) of Squaresoft.
Socara A color penciled pic of Socara when she had a robotic arm in her erm..."first" life. Ack it's kind of complicated. A tad old but still good.
Raye'chelle This be Raye'chelle. I don't really know her personality, but watch it! She's mad!
Koo Cat Koo Cat sitting on nothing. Being cool I goes. (Wow! Wasn't that a great desciption?!)