F   U   R   R   Y     A   R   T  

Oni [Oni (c) Oni]
Oni and Telaros [Oni (c) Oni. Telars (c) Dalis T.]
Xedus [Xedus (c) Dalis T.]
SD Tidari and Chaonen [Tidari and Chaonen (c) Oni and Chaonen]
Ark and Oni *messy coloring >_<* [Both (c) their players]
SD Socara, Chaonen, and Oni [All (c) [Zetallis Corp.]]
Oni as Xelloss and Zack as Filia *for a contest* [Oni and Zack (c) their players]
Aan [Aan (c) DM Eikyuu ]
Tetra *Oni says sorry for the tail and hair color being wrong @o'* [Tetra (c) KCO]
Koji Sandshrew and Elrean Dewgong, General and Priest of the Master of Beasts [Both (c) Oni]
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