F   U   R   R   Y     A   R   T  

Pi-chan (Raishu) [Pi-chan (c) Meghan D.]
Asia with her mother and father when she was a hatchling [All (c) Asia and Oni]
Hyouden *mewtwo morph* [Hyouden (c) Rachel W.]
Koji [Koji (c) Oni]
Oni [Oni (c) Oni]
Socara *unfinished* [Soca-chan (c) Soca]
Oni *prettiiii *.* * [Oni (c) Oni ]
Charolette and a Meowth [Charolette (c) Meghan D. ]
Elrean and Aquin [Elrean and Aquin (c) Oni ]
Xinphsym [Xin (c) Oni ]
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