F   U   R   R   Y     A   R   T  

Oni having a drink Oni by a bar having a drink. No, she doesn't drink in RL. She just wanted to draw something dark and dark looking. Getting better at Photoshop I might add.
Darkness I think this pic is a least a little gothicie(SP?), but still really kick ass looking anyways! Soca-chan standing with effects from the new Eyecandy filter Oni got and Chaonen behind her. Don't they make the niciest couple?
Sleep Series #1 One day, while falling asleep at school, Oni thinks "Hey! Iffa mes na can sleep atta schoo'! Mes gonna draw everyone else sleeping!" And the Sleep Series is born! Oh yeah, Asia sleeping with the color theme of pink.
Sleep Series #2 #2 featuring Chaonen with his shadow all flopped onto his pillow! And if you're color blind, the theme is gray. ^.^
Sleep Series #3 Oops, skipped 02. Aww...who cares. Oni with her Ryo-ohki plushie with the theme of purple.
Sleep Series #4 Soca-chan's turn with her crow (the black lump beside her). Check out the Chaonen plushie! Green theme.
Sleep Series #5 And finally...the awesome...ME! Ta-da! The BG looks like chocolate, but whatever. Brown and red all the way!
Telaros Request from Telaros Tha Cat. ;P Still, it's a good pic. With Telaros with a sphere of green light. Telaros him self.
Maria-ki's B-day Pic A birthday pic for Maria-ki! A friend in Oni's MSC. Maria-Ki herself
Darkness #2 Another kinda dark themed pic. This time Oni, Asia, and I. This one's kick ass too.
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