F   U   R   R   Y     A   R   T  

SD Ark It's me in SD! Like, um...yeah!
SD Asia It's Asia in SD. A little bit of a different style this time. I believe Oni was trying out different drawing styles.
Wanted Another wanted poster pic. Hmm...I don't like the idea of Oni with one of those Civil War guns. Bannets?
SD Oni This was an attempt to do a Slayers like SD, come on all right but not quite Slayers.
Yune'i I'm not saying anything about this one either. Also her profile pic.
SD Socara SD Soca-chan looking kawaii, as usual.
Ma-Rine Ma-Rine's profile pic. She looks alittle younger then she really is though.
Paige Toshokan'in Chu (Paige), the nice lady in the Historian's Library. This is her profile pic.
Sebrina dressed as Filia Sebrina dressed as Filia from Slayers. What I understand was Seby likes the Slayers and Oni was wondering what she would look like dressed as Filia. Seby herself.
B-day Pic for Nightmare A birthday pic for Nightmare, a hedgehog friend of Oni's in MSC. This one is kind of an experiment with some negatives.
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