Creation Info
As told by Socara E. Tapestri

Oni A. Ahcem:
Oni Ahcem was created about August 1997. This was mostly due to inspiration of other furry artists and the book Mort by Terry Pratchet. Her background was settled as servant of Death from the beginning, before anyone else made it noted on the Internet. Not much to say really, except her human person came up with most of these people with some help.

Socara E. Tapestri:
Socara was the first original character. Created in July of 1996. Not all that many echidna screen names around (infact I only remember one or two females at least), so this was one of the first, sorta *at least that I know of*. Also this was all before female echidnas even existed in the Sonic/Knuckles comics, before the white collar Knuckles has was a guardian symbol and before people found out that female echidna names are all two parted. I.E. Julie-Su. Inspired by the first Knuckles Mini-series. Went through a hell of alot of backgrounds 'till one was finally settled. Seeming how the original creator (Oni), liked to come up with side stories so it was hard to decide. *I have ownership to the character now though.*

Chaonen L. Atlan:
Chaonen was created as mostly for a semi-villain. Later given to another person who kind helps run this page. I believe the character was created around December 1996 somewhat. Like all the rest, took awhile to develope the background. Very indecisive people here ;) And Oni's favorite dinosaur is the Deninychus.

Ark S. Gazer:
Ark was mostly a result of a Vincent *from FFVII* like furry. Started out as an Archeapotryx (SP? That bird looking dinosaur). Didn't work out, and Oni didn't like it so changed the character with the same name. Guy's got a hell of a background *in fact everyone in the main group* but we ain't telling! Mwahaha! Created around December 1997.

Asia U. Gwuan:
Asia was the result of yet again too much FFVII and the urge to draw a Chinese dragon. She was the last main character so her background didn't go through as many revisions as Socara *I think Socara went through at least 10. Big imagination here*. Don't recall when she was created, but it was after Ark.