Elemental Magic focuses on the magic callings and desires of the caster. Each Elemental group is very similar in certain spells, just different elements. The Fire group is has both elements of offensive and defensive spells. It is commonly used in spontaneous reactions, such as Fireball. But one must always remember: When playing with fire, you can get burned.

[ Explosion's Blast]
[ Fireball]
[ Fire Enhance]
[ Flame Protection]
[ Flicker Snap]
[ Hellstorm]

Explosion's Blast
This spell bombards the victim with several explosions of fire.
A very effective spell when one is mad. Easy to cast with damage range from light to medium. This spell is also partly a Black Magic spell.
Fire Enhance
This spell places an enhancement on a weapon, such as a sword. The weapon then becomes stronger, invulnerable to flames, and has a large affect on creatures weak to flames. Flames can be yellow to white, depending on ability of the caster.

Flame Protection
This spell generates a wall of flames around the caster. It acts like a shield, but is vulnerable to water attacks.

Flicker Snap
This spell instantly sets the victim of fire. Ranges from light to heavy damage.

Hellstorm engulfs the victim in a series of fire attacks. Ranges from Medium to Massive damage.