Elemental Magic focuses on the magic callings and desires of the caster. Each Elemental group is very similar in certain spells, just different elements. The Water group has both offensive and defensive spells.

[ Aqua Illusion]
[ Crystal Breath]
[ Ice Arrow]
[ Tsunami Wave]
[ Water Enhance]
[ Web Face]
[ Umi Na]

Aqua Illusion
A blast of water hits the victim. Ranges from light to medium damage. Better effect on creatures weak to water.
Crystal Breath
This spell freezes the victim in a solid block of ice.
Ice Arrow
Shots arrow(s) of ice at the target.

Tsunami Wave
This spell hits the area with waves of water. Random damage.

Water Enhance
This spell places an enhancement on a weapon, such as a sword. The weapon then becomes stronger, invulnerable to water, and has a large affect on creatures weak to water.

Web Face
This spell forms a web of water around the caster and solidifies into ice that acts as a shield and freezes things that touch it.

Umi Na
Umi Na is similiar to Web Face. It forms a shield of water around the caster, but does not solidify into ice.