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So here's the dialogue!

[After a bit of explaining and death threats...Oni is gnawing on a cookie and nodding]
ONI: Mes thinks mes get da problem...
ARK: *mutters* Damn freak...
TELAROS: *mutters* He started it.
ONI: *points triumphantly* Both u think u betta da ada! OoooO! Mes got da perfect solution!!

[Off in the background]

SOCARA: I didn't throw my nightstick at you!
CONIAU: Yes you did!!
TIM: When does it stop...?
DELTA: Look, I found some beer!

[Outside the apartment a moment later.]
TELAROS: *sighs* I can't believe she kicked us out.
ARK: Hey, at least I snagged a pop.

FFVII SQUARESOFT. Telaros Paul. All others [Zetallis Corporation]. 1998