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...fear and corruption are now at an end, rest be assured. We at the Corporation are taking steps to undo the damage of NIGHTMARE.

Terrorism is no longer our trade...we leave that to a special group of individuals...

--econstruction has commenced.

A new age shall now begin. The exploitations and crimes of NIGHTMARE are no more

Welcome to Point: Zetallis
[Zetallis Corporation]

Letter addressing certain large business
firms operating in Point Zetallis

HIyas peoples!!!! Wes finally updated anna site got whole new lookies!!!!
Will you shut up? Only most of the site is new. The library is same 'ol because you couldn't think of what to do with it!
U justa got ta make funz offa mes don't U!!??
No duh....and if you would stop your babble we can get on with this update! *ahem* Well, we moved to Tripod because Geocities was pissing us off.
U knowz, dat icky Geocities thingy dat would bes onna da lower rightz of da pagie...argh!! dat thin' wassa ssoooooo annoyin'! ~_~*
*mutters* Not as annoying as you...
WAAHHHH!!! Mes heard dat, time freak!
Psycho death freak! Why don't you go jump of a cliff?!
Make mes! *gets throw across da room*
There's still a few bug to work out so please be patient. Okay? And please sign the guestbook!

HIyas peoples!! Anda update right before mes finalz! Wha' da Hell am mes thinkin'!? Oh dat okies, since me don't do everythin' atta once...little bit atta time iz how mes works! Heehee ^^ NEwayz, mes fixed a bunch o' thingies like fergettin' ta put an option ta add ur profile ta dis site in Central Control...eeheh... Also, u may have noticed dat da survey iz now askin' somethin' else...was na mes idea...Wellz, mes begged anna pleed anna finally gotz some new general profiles!! Also mes went diggin' 'roundz anna found some old pics ofz mes anna Soca dat mes neva scanned, includin' an old comic she did when wes wassa makin' our spellbook*which u should go see*! Mes also added a new comic ta da Library. Asia tweeked 'round wit it anna now a bit more earier ta navigate. Anna guess wha'??? Mes added a new chap ta Emerald an Brass!!! Amazin' ne?! Mes figured since it takin' mes forever ta finish a chapter, mes split it up inta partz so 1. more updates on itz anna 2. da file size na so bigz! Been slackin' offz on renders. teamARTAIL iz now hostin' some ofz mes art wit desc. so go lookerz dere! *link in da Gallery* Still got ada stuffz mes anna da gang wanna do, like fix da BG in da Park anna start addin' some new midis.

'till next update! All Hail da Chicken! Sign da Guestbook pleeeze!

  • New art in Artisan's Gallery
  • New General Profiles
  • Part of Chap. 11 of Emerald and Brass
  • Readded profile submitions
  • Two new mangas/comics in the Library
  • New Survey
  • Renders in Artisan's Gallery updated


    This will be the dawn of a new era. We will "govern" the populace with an iron fist without them even knowing it...

    For those who do realize the truth, it will be too late.

    Our rule will be omnipresent. It will be absolute.

    You are enjoying this, are you not?

    Pres. Mitzichun, of the former NIGHTMARE Corporation, addressing Tidari Raichu in a private conversation

    Welcome to Point: Zetallis
    [Zetallis Corporation]

    7-4-99 AD
    Greeting eveyone. This is a special update since July 4th is not only Independence Day for the USA but also Socara Tapestri's (Bai-Hwa Kao) Birthday!
    So from all of your closest friends: "Happy Birthday Socara!!"
    Alright. On with the updates. New art has been added, of course, color and b/w for Oni and a b/w one for Socara. There are now new conditions in making requests so please read that. The next part for Emerald and Brass is up as well.
    'till next update. All Hail da Chicken! Sign the guestbook please!

  • New art in Artisan's Gallery for both Socara and Oni
  • Another part of Chap. 11 of Emerald and Brass
  • New Survey
  • New conditions for requests
  • New Parodies by Lex in the Library
  • Fixed a few things

    8-4-99 AD
    On the first note...Final Fantasy VIII fever has hit our little group of weir-er...friends. ~.^ Yeah, we can't read a word of Japanese but the Kanji can be figured out in Mandarin...So some of the art is rather FFVIII influenced or at least will be, that and Oni keeps raving my char. now really reminds her of Irvine Kinneas...which is all too natural for her. Hey! How am I suppose to know she has something for gun users?! Vincent: FFVII and Billy: Xenogears for examples! *gets smacked by Asia* Ow...
    Well, obviously the poll showed that people want more art on this site, so things won't be changing all too much. We are planning to put some more midis up when we can think of the format we want. We've got around 200+ midis and we aren't putting all of them up! Only the ones we really like. The renditions page now is going to have thumbnails instead of just text links. That and it would be phat is anyone wants to have there fanfics on this site instead of us asking for them. >_<
    'till next update. All Hail da Chicken! Sign the guestbook please!

  • New art in Artisan's Gallery for both Oni and Socara
  • New Survey
  • More Renditions
  • Tweaked the Credits page


    Credendo vides...

    "By believing, one sees."

    What good are a lot of old myths? And I answer: They are a window on the world, just as science is.

    The wisdom of stories and legends is that they give us another way to understand ourselves and the place we inhabit.

    Voyage of the Basset

    Welcome to Point: Zetallis
    [Zetallis Corporation]

    9.9.99 AD
    FF8 still haz control over our minds...WEIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! WAHAHAHA!! Card game iz sooo kewlie tooz!! @.@ *getz dragged away by men in white jackets*
    eheh..that's Oni for you.^^ but now that she's gone, just gonna say that sept. 24 will be Oni's birthday. if you want to give her a present will forward it to the mental institution j/k! heh.
    Well, school has started for most of us here at the [Zetallis Corporation] so there may be delays in things. We apologize if this may be the case, but school work is far more important than this page =P I believe this would be considered a large update. The usual art has been added, of course, but also we have finally added some new midis to the music section in Zetallis Park! Though, unfortunately, we were forced to delete the midis we had previously due to complications with Crosswinds and that it was just too many broken links. We may start a anime art section in the Gallery since Oni finally thinks she may have a chance at drawing humans. Right now, if you want to see it, go to her archive at Velan. To the joy of some I hope, our local demoness has provided us with another section of Emerald and Brass, it is still chapter 11. More links were added as well; and the Misc. Links is now called Game/Misc Links. Also, we still ask that someone be generous enough to perhaps donate some fanfics or profiles for our site.
    'till next update. All Hail da Chicken! Sign the guestbook please!

  • New art in Artisan's Gallery
  • Music section was redone and more midis added
  • More Renditions
  • New survey
  • III part of chapter 11 of Emerald and Brass
  • New profile in General Profiles section.
  • A bunch of new links. Misc Links --> Game/Misc Links

    10.31.99 AD
    Happy Halloween!
    Wellz, itta bez update time againz. Sorri it took like two monthz...eheh. Wez was gonna update but mostly Oct. has been very hectic. College preps mostly >_< At least wes still gotz 2 yrz o' so. Den mes wanted ta add a wallpaper section anz some Halloween pics...so got delayed NEmorez. ^^;; Oh yeah..anz if ya think wes na obessed wit FFVIII Nemorez..well ur wrong! BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!
    NEwayz...Wez got lotz more furry art both color anz B/W fer Soca anz mes *check out her b-day pic ta mes. Oni iz dresses as IRVINE! WEIIII!!! One way ta get on Oni's good side immediately is draw Irvine Kinneas^^* Uh...new renditions. Wes also got a new profile fer our General profilez section. Oh yeah! Anz Central Control is now called MAINFRAME, which sounds waaaaay bettaz^^ So dat section has a new graphic. Wha' else...Wellz Oni mentioned a new wallpaper section alreadies...anz *thinthinkthink* new survey..umm think datz all. Also tweaked da Credits section a tad. Anz dis pagie can now be accessed by http://zetallis.tripod.com. Kewlie ne? ^^
    'till next update. All Hail the Chicken! Sign the guestbook please!

  • New art in Artisan's Gallery
  • New section: Wallpapers *in Park area*
  • More Renditions
  • New survey
  • New profile in General Profiles section.
  • Central Control is now MAINFRAME. Slight revamp