Request and Commission Information

Read First
There are no guarantees that your request will be done. Both artists may or may not take your request, depending on their mood and amount of free-time. If you still make a request take note that there will be no confirmation that the request will be done due to a situation like this: "Oni is bored and looks through her email. She sees your request and decides to do it. The email has been sitting there for a month." Believe us, it happens...>_<

To make a request, please provide this information.
Including a reference(s) would make it easier as well.

  • Email address:
  • Name:
  • Species:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Eye color:
  • Hair color:
  • Hair Style:
  • Fur color:
  • Shoe style:
  • Clothing style:
  • Oramentation (hair bands, jewelery, etc.):
  • Anything else? (Position character is in, markings, etc.):
  • Artist: Oni Ahcem or Socara Tapestri

    If you wish purchase something or commission a work, you can simply email the artist who had drawn the pic. Prices can be discussed then. It would quicken the process if you listed what items you are interested in. Prices usually range under $20.
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