Anyone ever been to a Build-A-Bear Workshop and built a bear? I’ve always just passed by the store and have only taken a glance into it. But I went shopping with my best friend who was visiting for a few days ( she moved to CA 4 years ago, but we picked right off and our friendship is still strong^__^). She wanted to go in and take a look around, maybe get a bear for her boyfriend. Well, a lady came up with a cute stuffed bunny with a holiday satin red dress and explained the process to us. Dan’! I didn’t know you got to do all this things! You get to pick out your ‘new friend’ then dictate how much you want it stuff! Lots of stuffing, kinda squishy etc^^ then you could choose if you want sounds in it and pick out the ones you want! I didn’t get any sounds but this is my bear~

        he’s a cutie~! I wanted a panda more but they're more expensive and I didn’t want to spend too much. The store is rather good about prices! Not every expensive as I thought it was^^ I spent about $20 on my bear, including tax. Well, they stuff ‘em and sew it up fer ya then you can fluff it up and pick out clothes for it! Oh yeah, before the close it up, you pick out a cloth heart, make a wish, then put it in^^ And! They put the bear’s barcode inside so if you ever lose your bear and someone returns it to the store, they’ll open the bear up and be able to find you that way! Neato ‘eh?^^ I wanted the pretty dress but it was $25 the most expensive one in the store o.o so I went for the vest^__^ which is better ‘cuz my bear’s a guy.

This is what I got ‘im^__^

The wings are really kewl too! I wanna go pick one up sometime^__^

Then you can make a story for your bear or fill out it’s birth certificate~! I named my cutie, Winter ^__^