You know what? Vultures are cute!! I was watching a flock of vultures in Animal Planet and find them to be adorable! They’re so cuddly looking and efficient in eating carcasses^^ No really! I mean with the fuzz on their necks they can dig into stuff more easily and not get the rest of their pretty feathers all musted up. Oh and when they go swimming and washing the rivers or what not is so kewl~! I’ve never seen a bird spread out their wings to dry off before^__^ The wingspan is huge too! Yeah, I know they’re gliders and all. The ones I were watching had blueish wing tip feathers^^

        Llamas are kewl too!^^ so darling and pretty and soft and big eyed and ect and etc-weeiiiiiiiiIIIIIiiiiii ^__^ This pic I found in a magazine, wei! I wanna own a llama! Theres these people near me that own two of them and I pass them everyday so I get to see them lots ^__^