Heehee, something fun I thought of. I mean, kids draw stuff like their parents w/ the house in the background, grass and trees. Havin’ fun w/ crayons ya know. So why not Oni? I mean, she was a kid once *still is mentally^^;;* ‘course, this only makes sense if you know Oni’s background or title^^;;


        [With a squeal of Triumph, Oni holds up her newest masterpiece.]

Oni: WEIiiiiIIII! Lookie lookie!

A lady: What a nice drawing, there’s you and...a skeleton?

Oni: Is Daddy!

        [Oni points at the skeleton in her drawing.]

Lady: Oh I’m sorry, your father passed away?

        [Oni blinks in confusion. Then points to her drawing again.]

Oni: Daddy na dead! Is Daddy!

Lady: That’s nice, dear.
        [Lady walks away.]

Oni:...is Daddy...