Arggghhhhhhh!!! I can’t stand the thought of Bush winning! *This is 5:22 in my time 11.8.00* o.o I even had nightmares about it on Election Day night. Weird eh? o.o Usually I’m not so disraught about an election but this one is all messed up. It’d be interesting if the Electoral College messed up and one guy wins the Popular but loses the Electoral^^ My teacher is praying for that, he gets excited about these things. It might bring about a new constitutional amendment! Gore is definetely the lesser of the two evils.

        Carahan won the Senate seat for Missiouri! A dead guy won for the first time in US history! And Mr. Tupa won the state senate seat! He subbed for my class once, he’s pretty kewl^^ Wow, I know an offical policitian!

        The newspaper that I get has “Bush Tops” for the headline, saying the Bush won! If Bush loses it’ll be a Collectors item maybe^^ Like with Truman and Dewey.

        I love the Snickers commerical with the guy trying to vote! It’s just so cute, despite it making fun of the candidates^^ Gore: I invented pants.

        Oh! Does anyone read the Onion!? Did anyone read the Election 2000 edition?! Read it read it read it! Look on if you can’t get the paper or email me! I’ll tell ya about their articles and the really funny things! LOL maybe even scan the picture of Clinton as he declares himself President for life and Hillary being dubbed “Bride of the Lord Clinton on earth.” Heehee^^