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NEways...this probably is a spoiler for Elritch Sky.(My lame name for the series after Emerald and Brass) It’s a definite spoiler for Oni and Ark. I decided to leave it untitled. It starts off in the middle of a story, so it might seem t be abrupt. The alternate name is “To My Mother.” But...uh, don’t like that much^^;; No, not my RL mom!
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        “...I’ve never seen you like this, Chaonen.”
        “ feels like it’s happening all over again...” Chaonen said to the floor, his hands supporting his head.
        “What’s happening again?”
        “...” Chaonen didn’t answer Cervantes. He wanted to say “nothing” but that would be such a lie he would hate himself if he said that one word. Eizou nuzzled his cheek encouragingly. Nothing was said for several minutes. “When I was a child...I...”

        Chaonen trotted up the stairs, carrying his school pack on his back. As he climbed the stairs, he looked at his new shoes. They were a tough brown leather, his first shoes ever that weren’t sandals. At school, the teacher had taught them how to play soccer that day. He was so proud that he could kick the ball without popping it or ruining it with his claws. The other children weren’t so weary of him either. “I wanna play soccer again!” he said happily to his Shadow that drifted beside him.
        “There is a soccer ball in the closet, Chaonen-daimyou,” Eizou replied. It drifted through the door when they got to their apartment door and opened it for Chaonen. He ran in and dropped his pack by the couch. The tv was on and Oni was sitting on the couch with a blanket over her. Her eyes had a glazed look to them.
        “U’r home, Chaonen,” she smiled.
        “Oni, guess what I learned today!” Chaonen exclaimed, holding up the soccer ball.

        “...she was so sick then. During a job, she caught a virus in a computerchip processing factory. We didn’t know that then. All we knew was that she was sick... No one else was home, and wouldn’t be for awhile. I wanted to go to the park so bad...I wish she had said ‘no,’ but she just smiled and took me anyways...”
        “Instructor Norah said to kick the ball like this,” Chaonen explained, giving the ball a good kick. Eizou happily chirped a compliment. The ball rolled to Oni’s feet. “Now you try, Oni.”

        “...she kicked it, but it rolled away to the side. I ran to get the ball, saying that she had to kick it straighter, but when I looked back over to her...” Chaonen let out a deep, painful sigh.
Cervantes put his arm over Chaonen’s shoulders. “It’s okay, man.”        
        He continued after a moment.

        The ambulance screeched away to the hospital after they had wheeled Oni into it.
“What is she doing outside?” one of the ambulance members said to the other two. “She’s in no condition...”
        Chaonen had to wait in the waiting room for hours. The nurse had asked for his phone number, but no one was home. She had to leave a message. She then asked him for the whereabouts of his guardians or for a close neighbor that she could call. He didn’t know either.
        He sat on the cushioned bench in the corner with his knees tucked to his chin, trying not to cry, until Asia and Ark came with Socara. Eizou tried to comfort him, but it was worried too. Chaonen first saw Asia and he ran over to her. She had quickly talked to the nurse, gasping in shock. When Chaonen came up to her she screamed at him,” How could you!? You knew she was sick!” She raised her hand to strike him, but Ark caught her arm and shook his head. Chaonen couldn’t hear what Ark said to the nurse, but she told him a few numbers. Ark didn’t look very pleased.

“...We had to take her out of the hospital two days later because we could barely pay the current bill and farther medical treatment was simply out of the question.... Cervantes, do you know what really killed me?”
        Cervantes shook his head, saying nothing.
        “...When she came home...the first thing she said to me, as Ark carried her in through the door on his back, was...”

        “Sorry mes couldn’t kick da ball veri wellz.”
        “...That hurt more than any else she could have said or done...”
        “Maybe she was mad at you and was being sarcastic,” said Cervantes.
        “If only it was that!” Chaonen shouted, standing up and knocking over his chair. “But she freaking meant, with her heart, exactly what she had said! She almost died because I was so damn selfish and that’s what she said!!”

End of This.

The next part kinda runs along the same idea, so it’s here. Yeah..that’s it...o.o
It takes place in Oni and Ark’s quarters at Keynata GardeN. The previous one was at Keynata GardeN as well.

        Oni sat on the bed leaning on a pillow and hugging her chocobo plushie.
        “Oni, you should go to sleep. It’s well passed midnight,” said Chaonen.
        “Na wannaz,” she insisted. “Wanna wait fer Ark ta getz back.”
        Chaonen sighed and sat down on the floor next to the bed. “If you insist, Oni.” He looked up at her, watching her as she watched the door. He wished Oni would go to sleep soon. She needed her rest. His eyes fell on the bottle of pills, that she had to take everyday, next to the bed. What would they do when her medicine ran out? Coniau was the only person who made them, and she was dead now.
        The Shadow floated around the room, usually circling Oni or Chaonen slowly. Occassionly it would chitter its worry, but Oni would just pat it on the head with a grin. Chaonen could see that she was somewhat struggling to stay awake, maybe sleep would soon over come her. But then there was the fact that she could be incredibly stubborn at times, or have an iron-will. He swore she could do anything just on will-power along. She had raised him, and he had seen it happen before.
        Oni looked at Chaonen, then patted him on the head, snapping him out of thought. She smiled at him, then looked back at the door. But to Chaonen that smile looked weary, though not forced. Her eyes scared him at times. They already looked unnaturally glass-like, but recently they looked almost blank. The inner glow her eyes had was still present, but was now faint; like someone on the brink of death.
        He rested his snout on the bed. He was tired to. Usually he slept earlier and woke up before dawn. Oni was the opposite, so was Ark. They were both night-owls, so to speak, but now it was late even for them. He wondered what Ark was doing. Something important with the HeadMaster no doubt.
        They were so in love it amazed him. They would give their lives for each other in any situation, any momemt, and have almost done it several times too. Though, Chaonen knew, they would do it for him, Socara and Asia as well. Growing up had never been easy. They had more then their share of problems. Usually, families didn’t have broken-up drug rings coming after them.
        Taken that he had an odd family, it was still his family. “You’ve know Ark since you were a kid, right Oni?” Chaonen asked.
        “Haihai,” nodded Oni.
        “Is that why you love him, because you guys have been together for so long?”
        Oni shook her head. “Mes love himz ‘cuz he’s mine master,” she replied quietly, turning her head away.
        Chaonen was taken back, he didn’t know what to say or even how to interpret that. Finally, without a word, he laid his hands over one of Oni’s. “Let me make you some tea,” he said eventually. Getting up, he left the bedroom, shutting the door behind him and went to the kitchen.
        “I wish she wouldn’t call me that...”
        Startled, Chaonen pivoted on his heel towards Ark. He was standing near the bedroom door, leaning against the wall, still in his uniform. “I just got back,” he said, to answer the question that Chaonen was just about to ask.
        “I was going to make some tea,” said Chaonen, turning back to filling the kettle with water. “The kind that makes you fall asleep, but since you’re back Oni will go to sleep sh-”
        “She was waiting up for me,” Ark finished with a sigh. He sat heavily down on a chair. “Give it to her anyways. Add some honey too. That one’s a little bitter, otherwise rather tasteless.”
        “Aren’t you going to..?” Chaonen nodded towards the bedroom, pouring the now hot water into a cup.
        “When that’s done,” he replied. “I’m too tired to sleep.”
        Chaonen placed the cup on a tray and poured another one for Ark. He offered the tray to Ark.
        “Thanks, kid,” Ark said, patting him on the shoulder.
        “When are you going to stop calling me kid?” Chaonen asked amusingly.
        “When you out rank me.”
        Ark just smirked at him, then carried the tray to the bedroom.

End of This.