Elemental Magic focuses on the Magik callings and desires of the caster. Each Elemental group is very similar in certain spells, just different elements. The Air group has both offensive and defensive spells. Many of the spells cause random damage. Characteristics of air are curious, easygoing, and accepting of new ideas.

[ Air Revolution]
[ Levitation]
[ Lighting]
[ Lightning]
[ Lightning Enhance]
[ Slyph's Rage]
[ Thunder Call]
[ Windstorm]

Air Revolution
Twisters of lightning and wind destroy the area. Random damage.
A field of wind forms around the caster, allowing them to fly. Whether the winds are felt or unfelt depends on the caster's ability.
An orb of light is formed. Can be candle flame size to torch flame size.

This spell hits the area with lightning. Random damage.

Lightning Enhance
This spell places an enhancement on a weapon. The weapon then becomes stronger, invulnerable to electricity, and has a large affect on creatures weak to electricity and wind.

Slyph's Rage
This spell causes small tornados to form around the victim. Light to mediun damage.

Thunder Call
This generates a column of lightning around the caster, acting as a shield.

Hits the area with strong winds. Random damage.