[ Astral Blind]
[ Blast Ash]
[ Blind]
[ Dragon's Will]
[ Heart of Darkness]
[ Ka Rac-tze Na]
[ Mind Shape]
[ Shadow Hold]
[ Shadowmaker]

 Astral Blind
This spell attacks the ability of the victim to use mental and magik sight. Rendering them blind in those categories.
 Blast Ash
This is a confusion spell that throws up a thick cloud of ash, obscuring most of one's vision and stays longer than normal ash.
This spell attacks the ability of the victim to see. Rendering them physically blind. Can vary from temporary to permanent.

Dragon's Will
This is an unusual and unique spell. It is the only spell that allows one to be possessed or semi-possesed by one of the beings of the Dark. If the spell is successful, then the caster's ability is enhanced by the Dark Lord beyond imaginations. If not, then the caster is either killed or nothing happens. The success of the spell depends on whether the Lord of Darkness deems you worthy or not of his power. A blood sacrifice of the caster's blood is demanded for each casting.
" Darkness beyond the deepest night...
Dragon of the Dark...
I call out to thy name.
I beg you for thy strength and power.
My blood do I swear to give...

Heart of Darkness
This spell is one of the most powerful of all magiks. Dark energy is summoned from the Lord of Darkness, which then takes form in the shape of a black dragon and attacks the victim along with the area around the victims. The area could be several miles in radius.
" Claws crimson with my blood...
Darkness deeper than the blackest pitch...
I called out to thee, Walker of the Dark.
Let all the fools that stand in our way be destroyed.

 Ka Rac-tze Na
Ka Rac-tze Na is tied into Death magik as well and can be catergorized under either one. This spell takes the victim's or victims' soul.
 Mind Shape
This spell is much like brainwashing but can be far more effective. Mind Shape effects the subconscious of the victims, not only the conscious part of their brain. It can change their entire way of thinking. Ranges from temporary to permanent, though usually the caster can change release the victim from the spell at anytime.
Shadow Hold
This spell holds the victim's shadow in place. Restricting all movement except ones that would not disturb their shadow. Usually an object is used to hold the shadow in place.
This spell creates shadow creatures that obey the caster's every command. The power and intelligence of the creature depends on the caster's will and/or ability.