[ Dead Call]
[ Deathrise]
[ Ka Rac-tze Na]
[ Resurrection]
[ Soul Destruction]
[ Soul's Will]
[ Stolen Sand]
[ Yuni'tsin Lang]

Dead Call
The victim dies either slowly or instantly. The percentage of this spell working is effected by the caster's ability.
This spell brings back one(s) as zombies that can be free of will or must obey the caster.
Ka Rac-tze Na
Ka Rac-tze Na is tied into Dark Magik as well and can be catergorized under either one. This spell takes the victim's or victims' soul(s).

Resurrection is very much like the White Magik spell, Heaven's Light. In that it brings the subject back to life. But unlike Heaven's Light, the one casted upon may or may not return with a soul.

Soul Destruction
The spell obliterates the victim's soul. Whether the soul is completely destroyed or partially depends on the caster's ability. If casted on the caster's hand, the caster can then literally rip the victim's soul from their body and keep it in existance outside the body.

Soul's Will
This spell allows the deceased casted upon to be brought back to finish their last uncompleted task. They then return to the dead after the task is completed.

Stolen Sand
The victim's life is shorted and the amount shortened can be added to another one's lifespan. The amount and transferability depends on the caster's ability.

Yuni'tsin Lang
This spell grants immortality.