The demon race is a vast, ancient race. All demons are immortal, with varying power types, amount of power, and intelligence. The higher the intelligence usually denotes higher power and an individual true form, while lesser classes have the same forms. Most demons can take on at least one other form other than their true form.
        Feared by mortals, the race is believed to be evil. This is mainly true, however there are many neutral demons and a few good. All demons can also be bound to a master, provided that the master is powerful enough. Unlike mortals and Mazoku, many demons have trouble to use, learn, or gain power or new spells outside of what they are innately brought into existence with. A few have been classified into groups, but many go unnamed. Be wary of demons, for all harbor hate within their beings.

Hell Class-
Hell Class demons are of the most powerful of the race and the most malicious of demons. The power they possess is mostly non-elemental. Their appearances are varied and they are very intelligent, many wise even. They despise all life but their own. Being so varied with little in common, this class is hard to identify.

--Royal Demons-
Demons of the Hell Class, they are a lesser group that separated long ago and settled more amongst mortals, spreading out in Cephta in small groups. In exchange for protection, they granted power. For “Royal Demons,” as they have been called, had become very weak physically over existence, but have retained their magik powers. Those that contracted with demons naturally became head figures in society. Over the years and centuries, these families became the start of the Royal families of a feudal Cephta. Demon contracts were kept secret, known only to the immediate members of the royal family. As time passed, the physical protection that the mortals gave became more of a mental protection. If the demon’s “family” and the kingdom were secure, then they too were secure.
        Their appearances are also varied, like their more powerful brethren.

Elemental Class:
Elemental demons fall into 4 main groups. Water, Air, Earth, Fire. Only one demon is of the 5th group of Soul/Essence. Each group has an elemental demon entity that rules over all within that group. These demon entities each serve a Mazoku Lord with the exceptions of Death, Time, and Darkness. No other demon of that element resembles the demon entity, but each entity still has the identifying mark of 3 long upside down triangles on their foreheads that they can be identified with.
        Within a group, there lies many sub-classes of varying power, mentality and intelligence, but all within the bounds of their element.
        Unlike other classes, possession by elemental demons is very rare but to call for possession is not as rare. Elemental possession ranges from where the possessee is still in control but enhanced powers of that element to where the demons have complete control. An elemental possession also tends to include many demons with a hive mentality and speak as one for many. However, to call for possession, the possessee must already have an inbalance of elements within themselves and can only be possessed by which ever element they lean towards.

High Class-
A general term for very powerful demons. High Class demons are also called “Lesser Mazoku” a term given by mortals. However, several demons do have the same level of power as many Mazoku.

Shadow Demons:
Shadow demons are demons that are made of shadows ,but look 3 dimensional. Their appearances vary to every type of species. These demons are insubstantial and can be passed or pass through by any object. However, not all shadow demons can touch things and would pass right through It if they tried. Also, not all Shadow demons have a voice. These demons are associated with Darkness.

Heaven/Sol Demons-
Heaven/Sol Demons are of the most powerful of the race, but are generally not malicious. The power they possess is mostly non-elemental. Their appearances are varied and they are very intelligent, many wise even. These demons are generally much more religious and worship the sun and the Mazoku entities. They hold no malice or distaste for mortals and even live amongst them in peace. Many also serve as priests of some sort. There aren’t many of this type of demon.