Elemental Magic focuses on the Magik callings and desires of the caster. Each Elemental group is very similar in certain spells, just different elements. The Earth group is has both elements of offensive and defensive spells. Characteristics of earth are patience, slow to anger, and quiet.

[ Arrow Depth]
[ Brando Spikes]
[ Column Tilt]
[ Dille Gash]
[ Earth Enhance]
[ Earthquake]
[ Golem]
[ Hydra Fang]

Arrow Depth
This spell causes lava to shoot out from the ground and strike the enemy.
Brando Spikes
Rocky spikes shoot out from the ground, impaling the victim(s).
Column Tilt
A column of stone rises above the victim and crushes them.

Dille Gash
A chasm forms beneath the victims feet, causing them to fall. The depth is determined by the caster. Can either kill, hurt or trap the victim.

Earth Enhance
This spell places an enhancement on a weapon. The weapon then becomes stronger and virtually unbreakable.

This spell hits the area with an earthquake. Random damage.

This spell creates a golem that obeys the caster's every command. It can be shaped to look like what the caster wishes.

Hydra Fang
Stone walls jut up from the earth and trap the victim or forms a protective wall around the caster.