The Cephtan world is a world of Lore and Magik. Mortals have no powers of their own other than that of Natural, an innate power. All other comes from the Mazoku Lords, Silence, Darkness, Nightmare, Beast, Demon, Hell, Death and Time. Magik in the Cephtan world is not only used in Cephta, but in any other realm/dimension where magic exists in usable form. Though in Cephta, simple spells can be magnified into ones of a higher magnitude.
      There are many classes of Magik, some are documented here others are not. While these are referred to as Magik, the ancient power, magic is used to refer to that of mundane. The quickness, effort and power of a spell all depend of the caster's abilities. All Magiks that have different rituals, some have faded, some have not.
      In the Cephtan world, Magik is not as easily used as in other realms. Due to the high density of magik from Nin'nako energy, only the elite and high born have enough strength to control any levels of magik other than weak spells that require almost no energy or power at all. Due to this effect, an adept mage demands a very high level of respect, but the adept also has the duty of serving and protecting the people.