[ Dimension Shift]
[ Flow Twist]
[ Haste]
[ Reverse]
[ R'tran]
[ Stop]
[ Time's Gate]

Dimension Shift
This spell takes the one(s) being cast on out of the stream of time, though they can be returned to the time stream.
Flow Twist
Time flow around the victim is disrupted.Confusion to death effect.
The person that has this spell casted on them has their speed increased by having their time flow's speed increased.

Causes time to flow backwards. The amount of time put in reverse depends on the caster's ability.

This spell was originally called Rewrite. It allows the caster access to the book about the victim's entire life from Death's Library. The caster can than change whatever he or she wishes within the victim's life by changing the text.

The time around the victim stops, therefore rendering them helpless. The length of time stopped depends on the caster's ability.

Time's Gate
This spell opens the Gates of Time, allowing whoever steps within to travel anywhere in time.