These are but some of the known types of Undocumented Magiks.

[ Blood]
[ Celestial]
[ Copy]
[ Curse]
[ Individual]
[ Manipulate]
[ Natural]
[ Summon]

Blood Magik is a very dark magik, stemming from Black. It focuses on hate and obessesion with blood as its medium. Blood is a very powerful substance. Blood mages have been despised throughout history, if not only by name.

Celestial Magik is only called Celestial for lack of a better word in modern Cephtan. Even in Ancient Cephtan does the language have problems encompassing what this Magik is believed to be. Lore calls it the Power of God, Heaven Magik, that of Soul/Essence/Purity, and which is Silence. It is believed to be the power of The Silent Walker, which all Mazoku servants have been innately given a little of. Possibly it is what gives them their immortality and why they are unbounded by present Time-Space. It is believed to be the power that gives life and keeps the order of existance, Nin'nako Energy may be a physical form of it. Other than that, what exactly Celestial Magik is is still unknown.

Copy Magik is all Magik, learned by few and an innate skill to fewer. A Copy mage can essentially learn any spell from any Magik simply by watching it being cast or effected by the spell. However, this skill disallows them to be proficient in any one field of Magik. They cannot achieve vast power or skill as a normal mage could possibly achieve.

Curse Magik is a very dark Magik, stemming from Black. It focuses on hate and obessesion to place curses upon victims. Magik symbols and items are highly used. The power of the curse depends on the mage's level of power and/or the power of the items used.

Individual Magik is the term given to small, "made-up" spells that still stem from the other Magiks. Most, however, do fall in the category of magic. These spells usually are for personal uses in everyday life.

Manipulate Magik is all Magik, learned by few and an innate skill to fewer. This Magik allows the mage to change a learned spell in mid-casting, but still keeping the original spell's basics. Whether the spell is more powerful than the original is factored by the mage's level of power.

Natural Magik refers to innate magikal natures that certain creatures and races are born with. Not all can harness that power though.

Summon Magik is the ability to summon entities and creatures, as the name suggests. Most summons have set procedures that need to be followed, particularly Mazoku summons. Most magikal creatures and entities can be summoned if the summoner is proficient enough. Some can deny summons, most cannot.