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Qing Lai, Etsu's sexah brother :D

Etsu and a badly drawn Kye when he was a puppy! *FYI, ice demons start out personalities..then after a few years it all goes down hill XD;;*

Stabby! *this was when I had trouble drawing Tre XD;;*

Koji: I clap! :D :D :D

Absolutely hideous pic of Etsu but I love one in the corner with him smiling like that and bleeding XD;;;


RROC style Etsu. He's just so much fun to draw evil-ish looking^^;;

Continuing along with my Oni pic and Nyu's pic. "Can you hear me now?" :D;;



Rinun Taliv, a character from my story. He's a wyvern~ His eyes are misaligned in the pic though >.>;


Elrean's new look. Got lazy and didn't draw her other hand.


Reasons not to bash your head on the wall XD Never am gonna finish this thing, been sitting around for ages. For some reason I really like the candle holder^^;


Weird chibi Oni hair thin'i~

Tried to make her looks sexi ;__; *like da Limited add this is from*

Chaonen: What are you doing?
Oni: Why dunz u getz a room?!
Ark: Don't they teach him these things in school?
Oni: He's onli five!

Hoobeha? >.>;

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