4:34 PM
rpkoji01.jpg:Blaahhhh~slash o.o;

rpkoji02.jpg:Messily quickie colored sketch of Koji on Pokemorph mush^^ A surprisingly clean sketch fer me, which I can only do probably 1 outta 50, messimessi Oni~

elrean01.jpg:Haven't drawn Elrean inna long time^^ This is her in her mazoku form again, redid her design slightly, that and ya couldn't see her back spikes in the first pic. She looks so pretti^^ Not threatening at all~! Even if she could poison, slash, gouge, slap, kill you all at once O.o; not to mention any magick involved^^;; 'tis hard to color w/o blacklines! Didn't know how to get the lines out so left 'em in^^;; Wish I hadn't done it on notebook paper~

5:28 PM

*has strange urge to make a character with feather/wing ears...*

5:04 PM

Well, I was gonna post some stuff but now I feel inadequet o.O; Maybe I'll do it later^^;;

5:04 PM


8:08 PM

There was such crazy weather todai~! In the early morning it was so warm and sunny! Then a weirdo snow/rain storm moved in out of nowhere in 5 minutes! Then it went away just as quickly o.O; After that it was -very- sunny again and windy. @o; It's weird here, but that was just kickin'!

8:33 PM

Ya know what? I would be sooo honored if I ever got to carry an Olympic torch! *_____*

8:24 PM

Gyahhh~ I'm such a slaaaackkkkerrr~ *stays at all the stuff she's gotta scan, ink, color, draw, whatnot*

8:13 PM

Booyeah~! *might have solved her reoccuring archiving problem...hopefully o.O;;*
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