10:03 PM
Mes am such a Dance Dance Revolution high right now~! HEeehehehehehehheee! Dey were playin' DDR songs at Electronic Boutique, got me all back into itz^______^

9:59 PM

Updated mine site and Blog!^^;; *is rather a bit amused my the latest remix theme, hopes others are too* Was 'bout time NEways~

Got so many songs I wanna remix mine Blog to^^;;

9:10 PM

Finally! Uploaded some stuff on Side7^^;;

NEwhoo~! Updated mine blog links 'cuz I found out Rai had one!^^ Oh yeah, luvs Seby's new blog pic and text colors! And Swammi's! Hiro~!^___^

Byebye Mir =(

5:00 PM

There we goooo~ just needed some sleep^^

4:59 PM

*wonders how Seby did her magic effects~*

6:39 PM

Good luck in the contest, Seby^^ I was gonna vote for ya but I couldn't decide between u and Axel^^;; So I didn't vote.

I wanna PSO, pity I don't have a Dreamcast^^;; Should 'borrowed' Chaonen's before he went off to the Air Force~

and...Both Seby's and Swammi's recent pics are so spiffy too~^^

My heart hurts...I don't know why...it kinda worries me. It's the kind of hurt that makes you sigh alot, btw...not like a caridac arrest or heart murmur o.o;

8:53 PM

Oh Swammi! Both of those books are so good^^ But ya gotta read the ones that go w/ 'em! I just reread the Harper Hall series, too^^;; Hmmm..I should reread the series that Dealing with Dragons belongs with...

4:38 PM

Glugh...gave myself a nazty paper cut under my fingernail...it hurts to type..and do just about anything else o.O;

10:28 AM

Now let's see...this weekend I was so delightfully reminded of one of my all time favorite shows! (That's sadly no longer on tv and was never released on video)

Get Smart! Hope ya'll remember the Cone of Silence^^ It was a comedy spy show shown from '65-'70 I believe. It was then shown on Nick at Nite during the '80s-'90s, where I was introduced to it^____^ Then Fox picked up the last season for a bit but it was shortly cancel ;____;

I loved that show so much! Who cares if it was b/w for most of it^^ Sigh...haven't seen it in years, yet I still remember episodes^^;; If they ever release the eps. on video someday I'm getting them immediately! I gotta go look for the movies, I think they were released on VHS.

I remember how I thought it was so kewl if I just added a 's' to my last name, it was the name of the evil organization on Get Smart. KAOS^^

Hmmmm...well, after fussing about Tripod's weekend slaughter and now restoration, I don't know what to do anymore^^;; Yeahyeah, I know I coulda ranted on my old blog, but I don't like to do such things~^^;; I might have said something I'd regret then have people read it before I could change it o.o

I was trying to convince my parents to let me get my own domain (I mean $10 per month isn't bad =/), which was still be nice...but I'm not really sure anymore~bwaaah~

At the comment of a friend...we, the Zetallis Crew, have indeed built ourselves a small empire! Ahahahahaha!

Oh my, oh my, this trouble w/ tripod has severely delayed my next update! Sorry Asia and Ark!

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