8:04 PM
*giggles* Aie!^^ Wow, you gots longs hair!
And really, I hate to rant, dun know why, just never liked do to it o.O;

and...aiyaaaa... O.O

I...got to pet a Clydesdale today! Ah man they're big! But sooooo cute! Gotta love they're feet^_____^ So what if it was at the Budweiser brewing plant^^;;

I'm glad I'm not going to CSU o.o;; Fort Collins is boring! And has waaaay to many farmers^^;; Not like farmers are bad, I just dun like dat stuffz~

9:29 PM

Shoot! I do have artist's block...o.o; Well, at least I still got stuff that just needs colorin' or inking^^;; keep me busy for a while~

12:47 PM

Miss Asia ma'am...your character's hair is gorgeous, well I designed it to be that way...but it will be my grave! ;___; GYaaaH...I dun like reinking everythin' on a comp >< takes forever~ but always look so much better than some stuff i ink o.O; but 'tis ur b-day pic, a month late o.o; so I'll put up with it^^;;

11:35 AM

Heehee^^ Same here Swammi! I dun tend to smile either~ Baba always says I look so pretty when I smile so I should do it more often whenever to do smile o.o;;

Say, how long is your hair? *curious is all* Really kewl pic btw^^

OOooooOO~ double-caff mochaccino~ and yes! Denkou needs his wings! wingswingswings!

WOw, that is a kewl rpg! O.O If I ever tried to make an RPG, I'd be going into FFIX detail...which uh...just dun work for a 1-peep team x.x but that dun mean I don't want RPGmaker...gotta get my friend to get/give me a copy...

I want a Welsh Corgi! THey're soooooo cute!^_____^ I want one that looks exactly like Ein and I'd call him Ein too!
Back ta watching Cowboy Bebop again~ Ah Man that Cowboy Funk*I think it was called* ep was hillarious! I only watched half o' it yesterday so I could watch Boot Camp. That show's funny too^^ I like the Drill instructors! Gonna watch that show from now on XD

11:19 AM

Oh yeah, gonna mention now while...she's...gone, that she freaks me out sometimes o.o;; piffle, and she says I'm the tripped out one *not meant as a drug ref. o.o;*

9:23 PM

Well...watching Cowboy Bebop Session 5 was so horribly wrong for me to do...*shudders* it was just that one ep.'s ending but still...

Neways, I am once again awed by my God-given sister. She somehow got wind of my nasty mood*probably 'cuz she lives w/ me x.x*, so she shook me by the shirt a few times, leaned reallyreally close so I could see probably every detail in her eyes and said some stuff in one of 'em commanding voices o' hers that I'd prefer to keep private*ya know, just 'cuz I'd feel embarassed to say it^^;;* then plopped me down infront of the tv and made me watch that new Pepsi commercial which oddly enough cheered my up enough. There was this one line...but I can't remember it right now...

Thank Soca, along with everyone else, ya'll know who you are. Sorry for being selfish.

Oh yeah...I'm gonna regret that later...but ya know what?!...this is my blog/journal/diary...I can say what I want, even if I told myself this was just for babbling about my characters/stories! and Hell-Hooo-Haaa, I wandered off that path who knows how long ago! *twitches*

2:21 PM

Dan' it dan' it dan' it!! I'm falling back into one of 'em "I'll never achieve any sort of artistic career 'cuz I suck and don't have the boldness to go after it!" things again >< AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Gonna go see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon again shortly...gonna get a Cowboy Bebop DVD maybe even a Lost Universe one...Ark's coming back tomorrow, yea yea yea....but those have nothing to do with my future career! *sob* I'm gonna end up an electrical engineer and computer science peep....*flails* ><

8:35 PM

*OooooOs~ at and glomps wings of*

'ank u Rai and Seby~^^ *hugs Ark plushie~*

Haihai~ Spring Break comes early for us cowboys~

and yepyep, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky 4th is a girl~ *luvs dat name!*

Stephanie Kao = Pesty Assassin
Oni Ahcem = Quiet Wizard
Nifty eh?^^

8:02 PM

Sigh~~ I miss Ark...

4:47 PM

Wow~! Today is such a snowy start to Spring Break! Wasn't snowing hard but the snow flakes were huge!
Had great Dim Sum for lunch too~
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