9:44 PM
*GASPS mightily!* Can...watch...beautiful ending...over and over..and over... *_____*

Angie's Newlay out looks nifty~^^

Magen Rental? =3

5:05 PM

Wow O.O...
I had no idea so many peeps read my blog!

10:11 AM

I just realized something...well, I'm well set in going from class to class in a certain order now. But if I were to ever wonder off that order...I would seriously have no idea where I was. @__@

Yeesh, I'm starting to forget where I am more frequently~

Piano talk~^^

Pachelbel's Canon in D is such a pretty song! Haihai! A nice plus that it's an easy song too~^^ I wonder if I still have it memorized...played it for fun a while ago, haven't played it in a while =/

Yepyep, Swammi~ I do indeed play the piano! and yepyep somemore, it is Mozart's Alla Turca~^^ At least I can play through the whole thing relatively well, yeah! Maybe I can get it by May...of course I've always been good at sight reading o.o so maybe not...So that's what happens when I practice...NEwhoo...I think I'm somewhere around my 10th year of playing piano~ wow, how time just keeps going o.o; Do you play piano Swammi? Seem to remember something but I get muddled easily c.c;;

10:34 AM

YEEEESSSSSS!!! Yesyesyes! It's true! WEEEIIII~! I only heard a rumor about it but it's true! EHEHEHEHEHE!! Good gaw I love Ashton and Bowman *______* I'm soooo happiiiiiii~~

Dan' still need to order vol 5 for Star Ocean! And get the game for that matter....keep forgetting I have a PSOne now, not my old import that's on its deathbed. Gotta pick up a new one when I go back to Taiwan.

Well when I said "everyone" I most just said it for lack of another word^^;; so I had added "just about" to hopefully indicate there were others that weren't part of this~

Aie, ya can't be a Christian "Legally" ya become one from belief and only belief, wonder why she doesn't know that =/

10:01 PM

Wanna know what the song I tend to get stuck in my head the most? XD Everyone together now! ...Do do dodododo dodo do do dodo doodododo do do dodododo... o/~

Go horrid horrid circus song x.x

Yeah know what...? I'm starting to get the feeling that just about everyone hates Christians and religion except the religious and other Christians of course...

Well, I don't care if they did. Just makes me sad. I'm a Christian, I don't impose, and I truely believe. The world and more couldn't make me give that up =)

If this drives away any of my nonreligious friends, particularly those online, then I'm really sorry, for I would find you close minded.

Aiyaaaah...I'm not gonna get this Alla Turca memorized by May @.@ fun piece though...all that fingerin' stuff makes it so fun but hard at whatever the speed's suppose to be, well gotta work up to it! o.o;; The two sections w/ octaves is hard at high speeds, broken octaves are so much harder...Eeeee...wish my hands were able to reach at least one key beyond on octave~

8:32 PM

AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! I am Death!*well, Journeyman c.c* I can play hackey sack w/ my own head! Eeheheheheheee!

I...need to be less giddy and/or really get back into all this fun ;)

~-Now playing in all of Point: Zetallis, Cowboy Bebop songs by Yoko Kanno-~

Angie~, u say freak like it's a bad thing, hehee =P Nawnaw, but sorry 'bout dat^^;;

I had such a lovelylovely surprise things morning! Walking into Tech. Writing...I see that there is a substitute! YEEHAAAA!! I despise that teacher sooooo much, so this was great 1st day coming back from Spring Break. In fact, I went giddy when I realized this^______^ then I drank 20 oz. of gas station coffee O______O; dun usually drink coffee...

9:44 PM

Wow! Thanx Rai~!
Heehee, fishnet scariness~^^;;

The Hichou pic would make such a kewl shirt design, heehee, yeah good idea! XD

Eep, was aiyaaa-ing about the kid getting shot in school thing, haven't been payin' attention to the news of late c.c;;
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