3:06 PM
'tis be Good Friday. Thank you Lord for what you have done for us.

8:20 PM

Heehee, as I look outside right now...there is absolutely no trace of snow at all or icy and all that whatnot. In fact, it was rather warm this afternoon~ bwahahahahaha! XD

7:38 PM

WEiii~! Finally DLed the opening, ending, trailer, and part of an ep of Star Ocean EX I must say, it's kinda slightly weird I think^^;; It has one flash of Claude on the ground...looks like he got kicked where the sun dun shine @o; The opening and ending I mean. They need more Ashton! And why didn't you get to see Chris? Waaaiiii~ And where's Bowman, Leon, and Opera? =/ I mean ya got Precis in it~ Ah well~ Now I just gotta sit back and wait for some fansubs to come out^^;

7:35 PM

That' s Tales of Eternia?! So that's what all those pics in my magazines are of...been wondering^^ How kewl! Love your new layout, Swammi!

12:01 PM

I don't think my school district that I'm currently at has eeeevvvvverrrrrr had a snow day. We've used snowdays for other things...broken water mains etc, but never for snow! Well I guess today comes close for severe weather conditions but not for too much snow exactly^^;; There's about a mere 3 inches of snow outside right now, when it's snowed several feet with no school buses running and yep! Still school =P Maybe the rumor is true that one of school board is from Alaska o.O; Bad bad roads this morning had, lots of accidents =(

8:16 PM


4:44 PM

Got mine class ring today~ looks quite nice^^ Which it betters fer dat money! O.O Choose a semi-cheap one. Cheapest were $60 but dun think those were even made of metal o.o;

4:30 PM

Ha! I'm not nearly as bad as him! Ooooooh nooo~~! LOL I compare him to one dude. He's got a list! I think the newest ones he's been using are Erika and Carrera from Di Gi Charat Fantasy~

How did this start NEways? o.o; can't remember....think it was when we didn't really like each other much o.O;

9:04 PM

I finally finished it Ms. Asia ma'am~! I finished your b-day pic and only...1 month late whoooo~!

U didn't call dis weekend ;____; but am sure u be busy^^ 'cuz Ms. Asia ma'am be so nice, everyone wanna be ur friend, heehee! =D And we still gonna expect a call next weekend! Dun even think u can weasel out of it ;)

Now on to Ark....o.o;;

Ahh~ I'm such a sentimental fool! XD
I was watching the endings to FFVIII and FFIX again. They both just get me all doing that happy-sight than'~ *happi sigh~~*

2:45 PM

~-Now playing in Sector 1: District Ilcani "Superhero" by Daze-~

I just realized that I've never or very rarely drawn Oni or anyone...using magik before! O.O How odd since many of my characters are highly magik-based creatures o.o;

Wows~! Rai's and Seby's New layoutpics/layout themes look nifty too~!

Gonna make myself wait awhile 'till I redo mine^^;; Debatin' between Welcome(2000) from Di Gi Charat or another Cowboy Bebop song...Tank, Go Go Cactus Man, I Want It All back...dun know~ so many choices~~

Irvine-sama~! *drrrrrroooooollglomp*
*at Ark* Why can't you look like him? =/

Ark: Err... @o;

Actually I did ask him that once*jokin' 'round* =P but then he said he didn't have $50 to buy a decent cowboy hat, or however much more for a coat like Irvine's then he would like reallyreally bad w/ semi-curly hair^^;; Not like it's hard to find that stuff 'round here, just them materials cost bunches~

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