9:34 PM
Rai fer dat pic Ark and Terrall both like Oni, so aren't so happy she's giving so much attention to Chaonen plus having a plushie o' him~^^;; *just noticed that she fergot Ark's other eye o.O;*

Who's Line: "Utah, 30,000 wives can't be wrong!" "Montana, how fast can you drive?" "Texas, capital punishment rocks!"

....aaaaaaahhhhhhh~! *sob*

*back to Cowboy Bebop thoughts ;___;*

I'm gonna end up on a lot of archives if this goes through o.o; Side7, Teamartail, Velar, then possibly Side7 and Yerf wow o.o; Not like I upload on anything that much now^^;

NEwhooo~ I applied fer YNA a few minutes ago, and I'm still gonna try at least for Yerf. I'm considering 3 of these to be my samples.
1. Oni in prismacolor pencils on black paper
2. Holiday Letter
3. Chaonen or Asia or Coffeeshop

7:28 PM

*takes a breath...tries not to cry* The last DVD vol. of Cowboy Bebop is so sad! ;_____;

7:25 PM

Soo...I would get screwed over if I tried fer Yerf then? *her main medium is photoshop after all*o.O;

And why am I only now hearin' 'bout YNA? O.o;

Wai~! Yerf is opening fer applications again! I've been wanting to apply, of course last time Rat called me a failure, but that was years ago, so maybe I should try^^

11:26 AM

Isn't this nifty? A plane that can go Mach 10! Was talkin' 'bout this yesterdai w/ a teacher~ Go NASA! Dan' Bush fer cutting dere already small budget ><

8:50 PM

Seeeeeeniooorrr~ Ditch day tomorrow~ boo yeah! *line dances*

*is just gonna go hang at the mall and mess w/ her prismacolor markers though^^;*

5:18 PM

-My Day~

I think winter has turned me into a "child of the night" type thin' o.O; Was all bright and sunny today...and I couldn't stand it, felt like I was burning^^;; Even wore a pretty blue sarong today~^^

It's over....our whole production that I stayed at school 'till 10 pm fer is all over now o.o...Wai~! Feels odd, got nothing to work on now =/ I've had enough extension cords and duct tape to last me a while* my hands~x.x*! At least now I can call myself a real techie^^ I helped wire, tape, plug, whatnot, and ran the spotlight during the show^^ Lighting went great! Coulda been better if we had more time, but still went great^^ 1st class ever to turn off the gym lights and use our own boo yeah! Music remix was great too, Olech did an excellent job! Acts were great too^^ Some idiot *beep*s said it sucked...it did not! And what the hell did you have to compare it too?! HUH?! If u saw our rehearsal on Monday you'd appreciate how much everyone worked Monday and Tuesday night to get this together! Oh and some seniors started throwing eggs just as we turned off the lights, LOL. We need at least some hazing 'round ya know ;) Though some people couldn't throw, yeesh. Almost hit my friend controlling the house lights down on the floor that's 2 feet away from the senior balconey =P Last night we had blown two circuits and had to rewire everything, that had really sucked but at least we got it fixed, whew~

Argh...I think there was something wrong with those french fries...x.x

4:41 PM

Happy Birthday Seby~! I wish for you that the next coming year will be full of great things/times! *tosses cake and presents 'round in whatnot direction~*

I actually got the pic done in time!^^

I'm horribly annoyed with myself, so I'll babble a bit @___@

Ark...has started wearing his hawaiian shirts again^^ 'cuz weather's been getting warmer..well in general^^;; No, snow last week and 35 degrees yesterday doesn't count =P I wish I could dance o.o I can do typical Chinese dances but that doesn't help when u want to dance with others or show off^^;; Even Soca can dance! She learns hip-hop whenever she can get someone to teach her a bit, mainly Ark 'cuz he does hip-hop and breakin' and ballroom...dun ask me where he learned that one o.o; And he has some white pants that look good~ on him, most I dun like white pants, especially Chaonen's graduation uniform's white pants =P Sorry Chao, but I don't and u know it!^^;; I'm lonely at school, wish I had more classes w/ my friends, wish Soca went here o.o; Not gonna say why she doesn't 'cuz that's private family matters~ haihai! Wait, that was a bad thought. nutz x.x

Hope I can get the lighting done tonight, tomorrows...gonna be interesting @o;

10:23 AM

I woke up in such a nasty mood this morning>< Well, actually I was fine 'till I realized it was a bird. I woke up to a clicking sound. Sounded like my metronome, going at 'bout a 60. Yeesh, thought it was something in my house O.o Random chirping I can take, but not a constant chirp chirp chirp for who knows how long! And I wanted to sleep ;___; Every now and then it would stop, then start again. Giving me false hope =P Gonna go out tomorrow morning and shoot that bird as soon as I find it @___@ Just gotta make sure I don't accidently shoot a small hawk^^;;

8:41 PM

Eheh..^^;; I was referring to Ephesians 2:1-10, can't remember which verse exactly in the Bible^^; And celebrating Jesus Christ's ressurrection ^____^

I am really that babble-headed? Can't be good if I'm trying to think logically O___O

I seems to remember someone's birthday is this week...who's was it? *thinkthink* Someone's who's blog I read...I think c.c;

3:53 PM

It's Easter Sunday! I praise the Lord for he has risen! That I am now dead in my transgressions and sin, thank you Lord!

I'm feeling rather zealous right now^^ Pastor Chou gave a wonderful sermon this morning~ Too bad I have to go back to writing my proposal paper^^;

And of course, Happy Easter to everyone!

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