8:45 PM
Opening a Can of Whoop@--

Okay, I didn't swear in this so 'aa' is what I said for '@$$' And this was all in a Chinese accent w/ a friend o' mine at school in physics. We switched back and forth, but I can't remember who said what exactly~ XD

"I kill you four times before you hit ground. Then when you hit ground I kill you 3rd time! Ooh, I open can o whoop aa on you!
What this oh you got two people. Well I open 2 cans o whoop aa on you! Oh you got army o people. Well I got electric can opener, open many cans o' whoop aa! I open one for each o you before you near me! Whooooowaaaaaaa!"

Wish I didn't say that, but might as well leave it^^;;

Random thoughts:

Luvs being able to watch Get Smart again.

Go stick figures~!

Wants Black and White~!@___@

Is addicted to Bejeweled o.o;

Wishes she had tape recorded a conversation she had with a friend. Will have to write it up later, though it needs to be heard to be really funny^^;; Might as well for own enjoyment^____^

What is my problem with MUCKs/MUSHes/RP playing stuff....?>< People seem to like to ignore me*no matter how long my post*. I haven't figured out what's wrong with me yet either. Since it has to be me. Makes no sense if who knows how many people are wrong or jerks*in 5 MUCKs total which I've all left* =P I can never seem to get involved in things ~__~ not much fun hanging by yourself alot or always having to do something very dramatic =/ Pokemorph MUSH is better though, nice people on there and I can get somewhat involved though not recently~ *digs self out of snowy tomb @o;*

10:13 AM

Get Smart is back?! Oh please let me have TVland....wai~ I am gonna be so sad! if I don't have it x.x

9:44 AM

Lovely lovely snowiness outside^_____^ Snowed nice big fluffy snow yesterdai~! Let's see...it was hitting 80s on Wed. and Thurs. then drizzly on Fri. then rainy on Sat, then lovely snow~

4:28 PM

Dan' it! I wanna see Space Invader Zim! O_____O *btw luvs Cass's Zim arts on side7^^*

Well, let's see...I think we were kinda a bit beyond good friends then~ Actually, we're not going out or anything^^;; just kinda hangin' together and usually Soca's around too*wonder what Soca would do to me if I was trying to steal Chaonen away from her...oh wait...I don't wanna know @o;* Both our parents go *chinese accent* "Old Chinese tradition...no dating until college!"^^;

Wai~! x.x u dun tell peeps dat, den we end up readin' it! *glad she only just skimmed the first part....ewewewew!!*

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