9:46 PM
Let today be known as the day that I, Oni, have played DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! WHOOO!!! I am sooooo addicted to that game!!! XD

Aaaaand...managed to catch me first ep. o' Invader Zim yesterdai~ It is now my fav. cartoon on tv along with the Simpsons^^

9:58 AM

Ah dan', now I feel sucky for never posting NE pics in traditional media^^;; Yeah, I actually do stuff in traditional but is usually ends up too big for my scanner or I hate it so much that I dun post 'em^^;;

10:10 PM

Colorado: Don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes. XD

Heehee! We came up w/ da while walking ta B&J fer ice cream, got Kaberry Kaboom, was good^^ Had ta hold ice cream ta keep mine fingers warm...feeling in fingers and cheeks? Oh, who needs that? =P

Saw dead rat on da way back @o; Dat part wasn't so good...think mes gotz childhood fear o' rats^^;;

Side Note: Congrats ta Kye fer getting into da Marines!^_____^ Now I gotz two friends going inta da Navy branch o' military anz Chaonen 'bout ta graduate first year inz Air Force! *base has a pretty chapel, veryvery pretty stainglass windows!^^*

Heehee! It's blizzarding on Ben&Jerry's free ice cream day XD Yeesh and it's been in the 80s fer the last week and didn't even start gettin' cold 'till midnight o.o

9:10 PM

Eh~ since I'm not drawing much, might as well put up some junkjunk o.o;

arknasia.jpg : Even if u can't see it~ Asia has taste fer expensive weaponary^^;;

chnnshop.jpg : Chaonen shoppin' fer food 'cuz food is good o.o

chnsnwyr01.jpg : Second idea back from Chinese New Year~ Ark's decided dat Terrall would be a good Year of the Snake decoration^^;; Dat be wintermelon candy he holdin'....MMmmmmmm^^

mac02.jpg : Not sure where this one came from o.o might have already put it in da b/w section^^;; ah well, mine lesser drawn char. Mac "the pyro" Oida putting on his shoes like a good SD boy~!

Okay...write story, draw, or play Starcraft? o.o;; Wish I could do these all at once^^;;

Arcons: Annihilate!

Blah...draw Oni too much anz she mine only winged character...no wait deres Ketel and his sis and uhh...Xinphsym...wow only 3 total! 'less i fergot my own characters which is possible o.o;; Anz...been typin' story fer a while now...whoo!! *goes about and creates her usual god force of Zerg airunits*

BWeeeiiiI~! Heehee^^

*Is getting a wing overload XD*

5:03 PM

Good gah I'm mean to my characters^^;;

5:00 PM

I...am working on my story again! XD Current Goal: Bring Terrall in~
All thanx to LilEspio/Art 'cuz I was reading her thing that involved my characters...which incidently dey so far are ending up so much happier then NEthin' I would have done for 'em o.o;;

Let's see...where and when did I leave off...o.o;;

OoooooO~ Blogger havin' nifty contest, maybe I'll enter if I can think of somethin' kewl^^;;

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