7:58 PM
NOnononononononooo~!! WHat do you mean that the max and min are both root 2?! what about -root 2? HUHHUH??!!! ANd what is this junk about the inflection point being the root of -2? That's an imaginary number!! Inflection points are be undefined but an imaginary number? I dislike you integral of a(t).... My 4....my preciousprecious 4....byebye, hello college class of first sem. calculus again.... @_____@

Whoo, giving myself a reward for getting past 1 AP test somewhat...decently *coughs* Now on to Govt. and Politics~ Guess what? I can now spew out about 5 billion Supreme Court cases with what the question presented was and whatever amendment it dealt with and what effects it had on our current political system weiiii~ I suck at studying and testing o.o

Wow, lots more peeps are getting Blogs o.o I feel soo...uh disconnected from everyone now o.O;

Here lies Oni, who will be blipping in and out of internet life 'til Wed.

8:41 PM

*dies until next Wednesday*

6:34 PM

Ooooo~! Swammi has a cutie birdiboi^^ For some reason when I looked at him I thought of the name "Miki" o.O;;

6:27 PM

Hoooo~ Takin' a lil break from studyin' before I go insane and/or lose all my work ethic which would be veeerrrrii bad right now @o; Must get 4 on AP Calc and 3 on AP Govt and Politics! sigh~

Let's see...I really wanna enter the blog contest but now I don't even have time to think of a template >< But I did manage to draw this during a wasteful class^^;; Headless Oni be back fer a bit anz I luv Invader Zim! XD

I will rule the world with an iron fist! You! OBEY THE FIST!!

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