11:08 AM
Well, Happy Birthday a bit early Rai~!

8:47 PM


5:36 PM

Hmmmmm~ Well, for once I have a b-day pic on time, let alone early. But now Rai has wind of it. Maybe I should....oh still wait 'till Sunday to post it or should I do it early? Hmmmmhmmmm~

8:25 PM

Pic time~~ or continuation of Irken obesession o.o;;

irken.jpg : When I drew dis, he didn't have a name, but now he be called Xxazier^^ He be veryvery smart, and good at mechanical stuffz, but he's not all there in the head~^^ That stick he calls his Toothpick, 'cuz he really thinks it's one^^; He's shoulder high to the Almighty Tallests!

irkens.jpg : Xxazier made a little figure of Czar from wire and tin^^

8:33 PM


5:56 PM

Eeee hope ya all better now Seby =/

Wai~!! Must...aspire...to...this *___________*

I feel sooooo much better now^_______^ Well at least until I get my results back in July^^;; but hey, what can I do until then? So why worry~~ *pokes life back into her wrist...*

I think I did well though. Think I scored at least a 3. Did better on the 4 essays than I thought I would too. Thanx you sample AP graded essays*_____*

Wonder what I should do now that I'm out early~~

7:14 PM

Look some time off studyin' to make a new theme^_______^;;

8:18 PM

I know,Rai~ Was mostly screaming at mine nonexistant calc ability o.o;;

Whoo! There is hope for my Govt/Politics test!@_______@

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