5:37 PM
Babbles from the Site To Do List:
Blah, this reminds me that I need a place to mention undocumented magiks (Like Soul/Essence/Celestial which is of Lady Silence AKA the Silent Walker AKA God. Summon was another...errr...what else did I have? Glugh can't think). Yeah, I think I'll just leave Blood as undocumented. Ulp, there's Socara's type, that's Manipulate. There's Natural too~ Lovely Blog, I like babbling o.o

WEii~~ suppose I should mention Silence, but then I could also keep her and Darkness more secretive. Still need to do the profiles section...need stuff 'bout which earrings go to what master...uhh...Oh yes! Need a section on the Demon race in general. Should write down my system of government...but that's just a dictatorship/elitist, with no voting on leaders and no checks and balances. But we still have a bureacracy XD And voting on lower levels. No spoils system o.o; You get your job by summons of Silence (like Madam Yoshiko's position as president of the [Zetallis Corporation]) or you are qualified...Oh but then NIGHTMARE can have major spoils system^^ Huh, wonder why I never fully thought this out completely o.o Had my commerence system all figured out at least~

Need to add Berserker to Black Magik. Five Lords and Ladies should have stemmed more than just 13 spells =/ Of course Elemental comes from them too...hmmm need to mention that somewhere. And Fire needs more. White definitely needs more~

Okay, since I'm pathetic, I'll go a rewrite or revise the whole thing. Needs a better menu after I'm through anyways. Now I need a new nifty format o.o;

8:50 PM

Hmmm...I think I'll update my spellbook. Add a sub category to Black Magik...if I can get the guts to think up stuff for Blood Magik(Vladislav uses that) o.o;

8:36 PM

But Rai the boredem!....it eeeeeats at me and follows me home... @_____@

8:33 PM

*Offers Seby some 'special' brownies* Hey, artists in Paris seem to go for that o.o Good luck on exams too^^ perhaps you should have the Brownies after 'em o.O

8:40 PM

Must...resist...shooting...self....Must....make...it...to...grad-uuuua-tion x.x

9:03 PM

Noooo....Ark~! Ya not suppose to have allergies and get sick at the same time! ;____;

8:58 PM

Bwahaha! Watch me now be abusive to my characters once again! XD

vladislav.jpg : Completely redesigned mine character Fergadis. I luv how he looks right now! XD Too bad it's hard for me to draw fer'n some reason o.O; Gotta write up somethin' on 'im before I fergot his new role.

bound.jpg : Vladislav bein' abusive to Oni, 'cuz he realli hates her. He'd do NEthin' ta hurt her except rape her 'cuz dat would be demeaning to him. He's got dis thin' fer black silk ribbons~ bad perspective, he look too big ><

bound2.jpg : Was readin' The Black Swan, anz I realli like da cover anz it applied lots to Oni and Vladislav's relationship~ Two servants of Death~ I likez Oni's eyes^^

8:17 PM

Well, was very nice this morning. Sunshine and happiness^^ Then it was windy in the afternoon! Then it look down a tree which took out a fence and now blocks part of the road o.o Now it's snowing~~my trees....;_____;
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