2:08 PM
Oh yeah, they showed Invader Zim "the Nighmare Begins.." last night! WEIIIII~! Red and Purple are so kewl XD

2:00 PM

Wow, my High School Diploma~ I'm soooo happiiii~~^______^

Wish I coulda gone to see Ark's graduation but it was today too~ Soca and I both agree that Kye's Marine recruiter looked hot in his full ceremonial oufit XD Got to wear my purple robes with my gold Honors cords(they make a pretty good hair-tie later^^)~ was nifty though 'em hats are really funky^^~ accidently hit a girl with my hat when I threw it up^^;;

Okay, gonna take a nap, the off to party'in' whoooo~!

8:23 PM

WEEIIIIIIIIII~~!! COngrats ta Chaonen fer graduatin' first year in da Air Force Academy!! Wanted to attend his graduation but couldn't ;___; gotta find out when he's takin' his 2 week summer leave~

9:22 PM

*would hug her new Dance Dance Revolution pad if that wouldn't damage it ^____^* Wish it had more 3step songs though^^;;

9:17 PM

LOL I love the Onion XD~! I'm so glad it's distributed in my own town or I'd barely read it at all^^;; I think one of my fav. articles is still this one~

Pisces: (Feb. 19--March 20)
You thought Texas had already unleashed all the evil it could upon the world, but you forgot about the Dell layoffs and the killer bees.

10:20 AM

What's with my friends being in the (local) news of late? o.O And none if it has been good ><

5:48 PM

Okay...note to self...take pictures at graduation so you can actually do a graduation theme...

Next note: Beatmania is evil c.c;

Congratcongrats *clapclap* for Seby~!

5:32 PM

Back from my weekend in the mountains~^^ *sigh*

I loved our Youth Pastor *it was a Chinese Christain Retreat btw*, Pastor Bu^^ Not only was he great and really touched us *3 new people excepted Christ!^^* but he was reallyreally funny^^ Ex. he started telling us about during his QT he saw an eagle circling. This made him think how would an eagle worship God? So he wrote a song. "Heart of an Eagle." So now he's standing in front of us. Everyone's all hushed as he strums some chords on the guitar, then starts screeching like one o' 'em pretty birds. This goes on for a few more minutes along with a chorus^^;; Hmm...not so funny in words, but that's staying in my head for a while^^

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