12:27 PM
[Ark] Oh ho, what's this? Oni keeps her blog password saved so I can do whatever I want? Mwahahahahahaaa...er...uhm...(goes back to site maintaince stuff)

9:38 PM

Congrats on your graduation Swammi~! Hope the graduation ceremony went well^^

9:13 PM

Woke up horribly horribly sick today x.x Couldn't even see, vision all that blurred colored uh..ness...bwaaaah...so much for going to the arcade and playing Dance Dance Revolution ;___;

Nifty pics I saw in the last 24hrs:
Terran's nifty^^ I like da symbol on 'iz weapon too~
TJ's hot^^;; *ignores twitching Ark*

And one o' mine~ Rivie all disgruntled and grumpy^^

8:44 PM


oni53.jpg: Just checkin' if I could still draw since I hadn't for weeks x.x So I got one messed up Oni w/ one arm Booo yeah, grandma!

rivendell02b.jpg: W/o the BG 'cuz he looks so nifty^^ Think me'n gonna make 'em a Pokemorph MUSH character~

This was the pic I was talkin' 'bout earlier~ Two ada peeps said it look fine, my comp be screwed o.O; Makes a nifty wallpaper I'n found outs^^

Self promotion~! Auction goin' here 'cuz I need money to pay for this and this XD Blah, shoulda bought it on Animaxis for the $100 >< *s/h included* If I get both it's gonna cost me more than that~ So much Di Gi Charat stuff I wants o.o;;

Dude, Rai! That's so kewl! What fun! Wai! A Villanous Plot Generator too~!^____^

ARGHHH! *beats Rivendell, then gets immediately hyperbeamed x.x*

What's wrong with this pic?! Looks fine on photoshop, then only the BG gets all dark on IE and Netscape, never happened before ><

3:06 PM

Good gawd! When was the last time I dusted my room!? Or saw more than one narrow strip of floor?...well, movin' out to college will solve all that! XD yeah...*feebly waves flags*

Yes, Rai it is nice with Side7 isn't it?^^ Ya characters got nifty spells~ Gotta rename mine eventually...all are so Slayers-like. Well probably 'cuz that was my fav. anime at the time =P *gyah wants to draw Lie again* I dun know, I've been doin' remixes for quite some time now~ they're fun, I like themes^____^

Saw part of the Weakest Link last night! *with Hook and Get Smart at the same time, go mad channel flipping!* That lady is scary, I like Stella better, she's a nicer Brit. o.o

That was weird^^;; Was lookin' 'round for site on Soul Taker(anime) and listening to Paul Van Dyke - Essential Mix. The thing's an hour long and it starts going 'take my soul' ... okay so maybe I am a bit of a necrophile? o.o; BTW NEone know about that anime? I really like the art but have only seen stuff in japanese magazines~

Drew and colored this last night. I luv it so^^ *toddles off to draw more stuff'nz*

9:13 PM

Updated site and revamped spellbook. Go look! XD
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