8:49 PM
Sketchies~ as I dump all my projects for my trip>< None of these are 'em btw~

chaonen07.jpg : Chaonen with his nifty new spines~ and a suckysucky Eizou>< Interesting how a 3D shadow evolved into such a cute character to me o.o;;

rpkoji03.jpg : Koji*for Pokemorph MUSH* in some wannabe Chinese clothes stuffs..been watching too many of mine parents Chinese shoes. Forgot he hand claws instead of fingers><

rpkojiaquin.jpg : Koji and Aquin from da MUSH. Gonna color w/ prismacolor pencils as soon as I get used to 'em^^;;

oni54.jpg : Drew dis almost a year ago, was gonna marker it, but still suck with marker so never have yet^^;; Reallyreally like it for some reason. Dun wanna ruin by marker or ink. Pretti~~

8:39 PM

Saw Tomb Raider today. I don't care what people say, I have always liked Tomb Raider.*Gotta get this movie when it comes out* First PSX game I ever played in fact~ NEwhoo, the movie rockedXD Even Lara's butler, Hillary, was kewl! Proper even when carrying a loaded shotgun and wearing a bullet proof vest. Simon was nifty even if it was only a attack robot, one phat robot though~ Ah Lara's accent was just right and so fun to listen to. I think my fav. fight scene was the one when she was in her house. Her house was gorgeous of course, the security system was so stylish in a techie way. Gotta love movie sets. Ah~~the guns she had right at the end were gorgeous!XD I want some~! All polished, fitting so well in your hands and lookin' deadly. Hey never said I'd buy bullets for it if I had it =P And no, I don't do movie critiques, I just say what I wanna~^^ Go see it!

10:47 AM

Got a letter from Chaonen~*bweeeeeeiiiii^^* actually a bit ago. But he asked me to somewhat redesign his character after he saw a buncha promos for Jurassis Park 3 *who cares about storyline, I wanna see 'em smart raptors!^^* So gotta redesign and somehow work that into the storyline...here's what I gotz so far, gonna send to him laters after I gots it down, yo. Pathetic attempt #1 in semi-realistic. Eyes are too big and scar's the wrong way^^;; Minor additions. Black spines on head and his coloring gets darker around his neck. Wanted to add blues and a bit of white, but needed to keep the green so didn't^^;; Storywise, he's going the same way as Soca as they get older in years and exposures to Nin'nako. Should make some spiffy clothes for 'im too~ oh so much I wanna do and draw and color before I leave~!

10:38 AM

I wanna defend Yerf somewhat since lots of good peeps got on, but...then deres all that other stuff*and I'm a bit jealous* so naw XD

Wai now I have 2 stalkers! Wait, no, just Swammi now. *has special, noncreepy feelin' this time^_____^*

A lovely peep bid $15 on mine $8 auction outta da goodness of dere heart!

No one's gonna see my 4 yr old stuff, well most of it, then none after I eventually clean out my site^^; Conviently tossed them off a balcony.

1:12 PM

Well, got my reply for my Yerf App. Didn't make it in~ must say I'm mildly disappointed. Which mean I'll just try again in about Nov-Dec.^^ Am seeing alot of S7ers getting on, good for them!

6 months really isn't much time to improve in =/ This summer isn't gonna help either~ *waves byebye to the limited skill she does have^^;*

2:30 PM

How kewl^^ Lex speaks so much truth about Cowboy Bebop and Big O~!

2:26 PM

Wow Swammi! Your graduation sounds like it was so kewl and involved!^^ Wow I feel mediocreXD Least I found out I can still use my Honors cords are a neat hair tie o.o *wishes she lived even remotely with a 100miles of a good Japanese bookstore*not just a wannabe magazine mostly porno one* ><

Aie Seby, 4-5 hrs of Kenshin? Am sorry O.O

*Has no idea what Jess if talking 'bout but gives her a hug NEways* and uh...ornery?^^;

Where are u peoples getting domains from? Been lookin' for a nice place that I can afford still in college^^;

There's an English dub to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?! @o; Aw man =/ I know all the main characters can speak English but still~ Zhang Ziyi(?) isn't that good^^;; She was funny on the MTV Movies awards though. Had to ask Jackie Chan to remind her what award she just won 'cuz she forgot the english word for 'fight'^^

Yesterdai was kewls^^ Ark dropped by in da mornin' ta see how I was *^___^* Though is kinda weird seein' 'im first thin' in the morning sprawled on the couch watchin' dat X-men show on KidsWB. He said he picked our lock to get in and I believed him >< *no I never learn* Bad Ark bad...so then we went off to Costco to look at stuffs and see if Josh was dere so we could make fun o' him^^;; Then off to Denver we went, met traffic on da way to Sakura Square 'cuz o' da Rockies and Avs games that were gonna start soon. Well first Rockies den Avs. Ark and Soca had ta drag me up the stairs instead of going around 'cuz once I nearly stepped on a sleeping scary drunk bum there and it still scares me >< Didn't even get to buy a magazine NEways =P Then swish we got some of those really good red bean thingies, and swish somemore! Off to the Asian food markets, then semi-swish to Pho 79 for dinner~ Game 7 came on 'round 6, thought it was gonna be 7pm. Had to remind Ark to eat, then to sit down after the Avs scored a really kewl first point^^; He's a real big Avs fan~ Hope Asia was watchin', she loves 'em too. They won the cup! WHOOOOOOO~! GO AVALANCHE! Yes, I do like to root for my home teams...well okay just the Avs and Rapids 'cuz I don't care for Baseball and Basketball and the Broncos are jerks. They didn't need a freakin' new stadium!>< So dat was Sat. yeah I get amused easily^^;;
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