6:30 AM
-Adventures in Taiwan~
By mine watch it's 8:15 PM on 6.23, wonder what time it's back home.

Let's start with my horrible horrible flightXD
DIA: Here I am thinking we're actually leaving on time! We're on the plane, got our clearance for takeoff. Then we're speeding down the runway! Then we're slowing down the runway...wait dat ain't right. Apparently somethin' was up, we had to abort take-off, go all the way by to the gate, then sit for and 1hr and a 1/2 for maintence o.o So no Mall of America for me when we got to Minn./St. Paul. I got to see Northern Canada! I got to see Alaska! I got to see Eastern Russia! XD Then we landed in Japan, the Narita place. That was annoying o.o We had to go out and back through security again!XD Wha' was up w/ dat?! Took forever, 2 International flights just came in and there was one security arch. Then 3 1/2 more hours to Taiwan. The flight sucked sooooo much, couldn't sleep and if I did it was only for a bit. Back and neck were killing me~ couldn't read or draw 'cuz I was too exhausted to do so, bwaaaah. 24hrs of daylight is not good for a peep! O.O aie, at the Airport we had to go through customs...that was freakin' sloooooooooooow 'cuz everybody had to do it, native and foreign alike. Took an hour 'bout. Then off to luggage, met relatives blahblahblah, walked outside...and the humidity hit o.o Dan' it's damp! Gotten used to it by now but ya feel sticky all the time. Soca half died along with me on the flight. This is her first time. My 3rd or 4th. Age doesn't help in this x.x Ark didn't do so well either, but he had sleeping pills. Lucky jerk. Too a few and knocked himself out for hours. I wanted to sleep sooooooo bad ;_____; but nooooo~ I didn't want NE >< *oh yeah, fergot to say that Ark is off to Korea first, then is coming to Taiwan. We're gonna meet up when he does, tour a bit and see relatives and hang~ etc. The flight split at Tokyo Airport*

Now Taiwan~!
Good gaw I luv this place *_____* well not the scorching weather and humidity but hey it's typhoon season! In fact, one passed the Southern part of the Island todayXD We got lots of wind and rain. So today was all nice and cloudy. There are 7-11s everywhere...I mean it. Messy place this be though. I'm in Shin Dien, kinda like the suburb of Taipei. Got lots of nifty mountains. We're staying at my Aunt's apartment right now on the 5th floor with uneven stairs^^; I luv the markets!! We go out for breakfast everyday since that's what people do! Street vendors everywhere, ya just gotta watch out for cleanness but hey! There are no doors to stores XD it's so kewl shopping here. All the buildings have roofed walkways which is good 'cuz it gets reallyreally hot~ Get to work my mad*lol* math 'cuz skills here converting NT Dollars to US Dollars. It's $34 NT to $1 US right now. Bought a few comics already. One Love Hina from a 7-11, and two Kamikaze Jean(? I'll look it up later) ones 'cuz they looked kewl^^; Gonna go to a bigger one and try to find what I really wanted to get and possibly some in there original Japanese. But they things cost like $2 hereXD Food's great, takes a bit to get used to, still haven't yet. Got my hair cut too. It's a popular Japanese style right now, just not colored. Looked in the mirror after dinner and didn't recognize myself for a sec^^;; I really like it though, much more than I expected. It's just barely able to touch my shoulders now and really thinned out. Had no idea I had that much hair o.o The lady that cut my hair was very nice and good at hair stuffs. Haven't had hair shorter than my shoulders for a good portion of my life. Used to be just below my mid-back.

Okay...that's all I can think of right now^^; Hey, it's only my second day. Using the net at my younger Auntie's house~ Doesn't look like I'll be having any chance to DL AIM NEwhere. Having trouble speakin' da language but at least I can still understand it mostly^^;

11:38 AM

Whooo~ think/hope I gotz everythin' packed..just gotta burn mine CD, get toothbrushi stuffz then I should be set. *Mentally preps for a day and a half o' airports and airplanes x.x* Oh yeah, I be off to Taiwan from June 20th ta July 24th for those of ya that dun know~! Is gonna be sooo fun! Gonna go have real Chinese food, fresh seafood, roam 'round da markets and night markets, buy illegal stuffs, see that really famous museum that I don't know the English name fer, visit relatives, poke grandma's goats, buy comic stuffs, get humiliated in DDR, etcetc, bweeeeeeiiiii~! =3 Hopefully I'll be able to pick up Corel Painter and some o' 'em markers...think they be called Copic.

Dun know how much net access I'll get though~ hey, can't be doin' stuffz 24/7 XD

Anz~ don't ya hate workin' hard on a pic then hatin' it? >< Happened here bwaaahhh...a bit better version be dis one~ Tomb Raider inspired. Also maybe da beginnin' o' somethin' I like to call Mazoku 101~XD

Still workin' on this pic o' Oni~ *bad scan=P* Am gonna color with markers, not sure wanna bring with me ta do 'cuz pad is kinda big~

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