1:40 AM
Saw some of Digimon Tamers todai *aka 3rd coming season of Digimon in USA*. Let's see...despite that da new digimon looks all so kewl~ It look like a God-moding, attitude-pumped, overly dramatic show o.o What's with the card swiping?! What's with that girl and her Loner-type digimon?! And angemon's wings belong to angemon! ;_____; I dun like this transfering ability o.O

Shady has mad layout skills!XD Think mine first anime was Sailor Moon too~ That was kewl, but didn't get me drawing animeish yet. Then I saw Slayers at a small con that I stumbled upon. Which lead to more Slayers, then Tenchi. And through some weird combo of that Sonic Comics, Seby's art, and Barachan's art got me into dem weirdo furry anime stuff I do o.o;; Or somethin' like dat. Can't remember^^;;

*Feels so flattered*^___^**

Taiwan's drivers have mad skills. I say this 'cuz there are still people alive to drive o.o;; Traffic laws are veryvery general guidelines it seems here to peeps! Zoom and stop wherever ya want, drive INTO traffic when ya want, make your own lanes, what's signalling? That's just open roads. Now take streets that lead to homes. Cars parked on both sides on a two-way street that only has room for one car to pass at a time with about 1 inch of space left on both sides at what? 30 mph? Then there are the billons of motorcycles/scooters that peeps have 'cuz there's no where to park a car. Whoo hooo! Dodge the scooters. It's like a real life video game.

Random me. I need a new layout. I can feel what cg/art/drawing skills I had draining draining...draining~! outta me c.c Gotta start drawing again. Got some real good markers today so that might inspire me. Shoulda part some of the screentones they had. That would been fun^^ Need translations to Devil&Devil! Sword is such a cutie^^;;

"Is your watch pink? No, my watch is not pink." English practice with my cousin.

8:51 PM

Oddly enough. I can honestly say that even though all my images have been erased from Side7, I don't feel bad or anything about it^^;; Been uploading there since it first opened too^^; Can't even remember how many images I had. Of course quality not quantity XD Not like I can do anything about it right now NEwhoo~ lol

Internet is slow at this house but at least I have access to it while I'm staying here^^ Stupid junk mail! Grrrrrr.

Last night we had a ~$200 26-party dinner at one of the best Dim Sum places in Taiwan =P*

And~ I so dislike Ark's grandparents ><

5:37 AM

Wei...'cuz I've been sick for a bit now ><

1. Happy B-day Soca~!!

2. I've drawn ab-so-lute-liiiii nothing...I think I'm finished x.x

3. Ark's head now looks like it's constantly on fire now. Wow, black to that bright blond-red-orange sexi as hell color...

4. Can't remember any of the Chinese or Japanese music artists I like right now ><

5. Barely taken NE pictures.

6. Gonna go take my 2nd shower for today.

7. I munch on sugar canes.

8. Going through my 2nd typhoon.

9. I should join the kewl people*seriously* and make a more known human character. Only one I still keep is the ShangHai.

10. What the hell is that new guy from the Cowboy Bebop movie doing to Faye? O.O

11. Saw a puppy on the street today. He broke my heart.

12. Grandma's kewl, but I don't speak Taiwanese. Her old house scares me still. And her place is boring as hell.

13. I can't go out during the day NEmore. I sun frightens, dehydrates, and hurts.

14. My skin...seems to have stopped healing o.o;;

15. There are alot o' dancin' games here *___* Paraparaparadise is weird though o.o DDR 5th mix rocks...need the CDs. A DDR tournment starts tomorrow.

16. BWAH

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